Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials showed ‘severe’ side effects, ‘fever and aches’

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials showed
‘severe’ side effects, ‘fever and aches’

Martin Bürger, LifeSite News, Sat Nov 14, 2020 

Mere days after Pfizer announced its new “90% effective” coronavirus vaccine, reports have emerged about “severe” side effects volunteers for the vaccine trial experienced, including fevers and headaches.

According to the British Daily Mail, Carrie, one of the 43,538 participants in Pfizer’s vaccine trial, “said she suffered a headache, fever and aches all over her body, comparable to the flu jab, with the first one. But after the second these became ‘more severe.’”

The Pfizer vaccine will be administered in two doses three weeks apart.

Glenn Deshields, another participant, “said he suffered side effects not dissimilar to a ‘severe hangover.’” The man from Texas said he believes “he received the vaccine because when he had an antibody test with doctors it came back positive.”

“Bryan, 42, an engineer from Georgia, believes he was one of the individuals that did not receive the vaccine,” but a placebo. “He felt no immune response to the jabs, he said, and after having two shots he contracted [COVID-19] after his daughter caught it last month.”

A placebo is a shot not containing the vaccine, given to half of the participants in the trial to show if the vaccine actually works.

Stanley Wang from Los Angeles also thought he received a placebo, saying “he went for his first injection on August 31 and did not experience any pain from the jab nor coronavirus symptoms.”

Wang added that side effects experienced by other participants “included fever and migraines, and another complained of having a reaction ‘similar to having a hangover.’” It is unclear whether Wang was merely referring to the Daily Mail report, or to his own conversations with participants in the trial.

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