Pfizer Document Admits that Vaccinated Could Infect the Unvaccinated

Document can be found (NOT on pfizer’s website since it has mysteriously disappeared after the “lending” and translation of this article, shocking.) over here:

The ultimate reason that the misnamed Covid “vaccine” has not been made compulsory has not turned out to be an exquisite respect by governments for the laws and treaties that protect us from that possibility, but the increasingly obvious fact that its sickening, sterilizing and harmful action can spread from the inoculated to the uninjected, curiously by the same mechanisms of contagion that are attributed to the undemonstrated Sars Cov-2: airborne transmission from person to person. All the undemonstrated rhetoric about Covid infection becomes reality with the inoculation of the injections: the disease is the “vaccine”.

Pfizer mRNA vaccine clinical trial study design warns against proximity (shared air inhalation or skin contact) between vaccine and non-vaccine participants as potential vectors of harm.

MIRONEWS Pfizer admits in its own mRNA testing documentation that non-prick recipients may be ENVIRONMENTALLY EXPOSED to the proteins by INHALATION or SKIN CONTACT. A howl


Explicitly, Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine protocol design – the most authoritative document we have on the experimental vaccine and the nature of the human experiments being conducted on its behalf – reveals that vaccinees can adversely affect the health, and even reproductive outcomes, of non-vaccinees simply by being in physical proximity. The text says that the vaccine triggers miscarriages and reproductive problems when the unvaccinated are exposed to the vaccinated and that breast milk from a vaccinated mother can harm the baby.

What happens is basically this: an injected person produces a protein through mRNA, against which antibodies are produced. These are, as Dr. Tenpenny already explained, non-neutralizing antibodies, which have the potential to worsen a new infection, but also to attack organs and tissues in the body itself. Molecular biologist Peter Borger said that what is really involved is mRNA, or self-replicating mRNA. This mRNA will multiply enormously, producing very large amounts of spike protein. This spike protein, because it is found in very large amounts in muscle cells and eventually in the bloodstream, can be excreted through the skin, breath, etc.

According to this, if an unvaccinated person stays in close proximity to a vaccinated person, spike proteins can enter the body (since spike proteins are the proteins of a virus that serve as the ‘key’ to enter a cell; therefore, those spike proteins can very well penetrate the body). There, an immune response will develop against those foreign proteins, which will also lead to the formation of non-neutralizing antibodies, just as in a vaccinated person, which can also attack the body itself. This could explain all those symptoms in unvaccinated people who came in contact with a vaccinated person. It is noteworthy that quite a few people (vaccinated and unvaccinated people who came in contact with vaccinated people) develop symptoms around the reproductive organs.

The eugenic plan is even more criminal than we had thought: no one will be
from the harmful (potentially fatal) effects of “vaccines”, even if they have not been injected into them.
even if they have not been injected.

The mechanism of action of mRNA vaccines triggers an exorbitant response that we now know is not limited to those who have received them, but will spread to those who come into contact with them. As Dr. Lawrence Palevsky explains:

“We are told that the spike protein is very specific to the SARS-COV-2 virus, so when your body produces the synthetic spike protein, it is supposed to produce an antibody that supposedly attacks the spike protein. Now we don’t know if the spike protein production is still running nonstop. And that would also make the antibody production run nonstop. So, we found that the genetic instructions for the spike protein are not specific only to SARS-COVID-2 virus.

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