#DontYouDare UNVERIFIED, CRUCIAL IF TRUE: Russians Identify Pfizer Vaxx Nanochip

Schematic Diagram of NanoBot
Allegedly Isolated and Identified by Russians in

Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 Vaxx 

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, January 5, 2021

NOTE: The information here has been presented to me by a reader but remains to be vetted.  If you have valid information about the schematic or other aspects of this topic, please email me immediately at Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundation.com. If you choose to remain anonymous, we will respect that choice.

Vaccines as a delivery system for ways to control/destroy people, specifically Nanochips or Nanobots, are an emerging concern as AI proponents advocate for linking bodies, brains and the Internet for AI enhanced/degraded humanity. Absurdly rapidly developed, poorly tested and made unavailable by their super cold storage requirements, COIVD-19 vaccines, doped with Nanochips have been widely discussed — without much available data.

There have been many reasons to suspect that the new Corona Virus vaccines would be laced with Nanochips (also called ‘Nanobots’). A rumor that every ApiJect syringe used for COVID-19 vaccines was fitted with injectable RFID chips turned out to be false — the chips track the vaccines and never come into contact with the liquid inside the barrel [1]. Nonetheless, the the concern continues.

Today, a correspondent sent the following news item to me – please note that it is currently unverified but, if true, should lead to the immediate halt of every COVID vaccine until a thorough independent evaluation of the matter is completed. Misbranded pharmaceuticals are illegal and a nano-chipped, not clearly so labeled, vaccine would, I believe, be not only irregular, dangerous and unethical, it would also be strikingly illegal. -:

Subject: Nanobot in the Pizer Vaccine figured out by the Russians

WARNING – VACCINE is chipped

The Russians managed to get nanochips out of Pfizer’s vaccine and published a schematic.

The chip consists of only 4 processors and 4 transistors. Signal via 5 G network enters left on INPUT. That’s how they control you.

Power is done through the heat of your body and all parts are connected to that voltage. The signal is processed in the first processor with a frequency filter and transistor, which reinforce it.

The increased signal continues to go to another processor controlling it’s [sic] MT-2 GAIN or how much impact your psycho will be. That control is variable and  can reinforce it or reduce it as desired. The original record says that part has, I quote: ′′ An unholy amount  of gain “, which is very bad.

Silicone diodes control the electricity they allow to activate the virus in vaccines, after which everything goes through another phase  of   signal reinforcement  and filtering external influences – thus prevent doctors detect your chip with scanners, literally hide it.   TL072 is a very expensive processor and is especially  used for military purposes.

This troubling information is speculation at this point. 

We do not yet have independent corroboration, but we are seeking it.

If you have further information, not further speculation, please contact me directly, Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundatiion.com, and share the information so that we can disseminate a real update on the possible nonchipping of our bodies without our permission.

The potential presence of nano-chips or other undisclosed contaminants highlights the status of the COVID vaccines as experimental.  That is why even the FDA, in its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) insists that anyone providing the vaccine must tell recipients about the “benefits” and risks, as well as telling us that we “have the option to accept or reject the vaccine…” [2]

However, if you do not express your rejection of the vaccine you will be “deemed” to have given your Informed Consent to the vaccine — and anything it contains.  Learn more about how to reject all vaccines:  https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard

Help Open Source Truth determine the truth regarding the nanochipping of the COVID EUA vaccines — share this message widely on social media.  We have been banned from Facebook so must rely on you, our readers, to spread the word.  Use this link:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/pfizer-vaxx-nanochip-identified/


[1] COVID-19 syringes will have microchips on outside, not in vaccine | wusa9.com
[2] http://www.opensourcetruth.com/fda-admits-your-right-to-refuse-covid-eua-vax/

2 thoughts on “#DontYouDare UNVERIFIED, CRUCIAL IF TRUE: Russians Identify Pfizer Vaxx Nanochip

  1. Dear Dr Rima
    I’m afraid you need to discard your source for the electronic schematic diagram – they are obviously not your friend. The diagram is for an electric Guitar Effects Pedal! I think they are trying to make a fool of you.

    1. Thank you, Warwick. As I said in the article, the information was unconfirmed. I do not know enough about schematic diagrams to evaluate them so I am happy to have your input.

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