Plandemic, an Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz

After watching Dr. Judy Mikovitz’s magnificent, calm and horrifyingly accurate interview called “Plandemic: the Movie”,, I realized that although a billion people have seen this movie, that is about 6 billion too few. EVERY doctor on the planet needs to see and think carefully about this movie. And then change what he or she is doing. Immediately.

Here’s the comment I wrote after I watched it:

Brava, Dr. Mikovitz! Like you, I am trained to seek the truth and speak it. And, like you, I urge all Health Keepers to remember why they ARE Health Keepers.

The Natural Solutions Foundation, of which I am the Medical Director, has created a Health Keeper’s Oath here,, which we invite every one involved in any way with health care, science or dissemination of health information to take and share, as widely as possible.

Every modern totalitarian State has coopted the health care system to carry out some or all of its dirty work and, tragically, ours seems to be no exception.

Say “NO” and let others know that you are saying it, then share the information.

Sigh up for our free newsletter at and then share the information you find there as widely as you can.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

PS — Remember to watch Plandemic InDOCTORnation:

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