Push Back Works – Dr. Rima’s Personal 5G Story

Push Back Works – Dr. Rima’s Personal 5G Story
Stops 5G Frequency Assault — for Now!


AT&T obtained one permit (!) to construct a “Small Cell Tower” 20 feet from Dr. Rima’s home.

Community Organization and Legal Response backed them down in 3 days – for now!


5 G is a sold as a communication system faster than anything else. It’s not. It is a military weapon being deployed against the population of the planet as part of the depopulation agenda.

Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph are both honored to serve as Judges on a Tribunal of Conscience, the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Safety, www.peaceinspace.org, convened by Chief Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre. That body has named 5G as one of the three Genocidal Technologies it is striving to stop.

Dr. Rima, as a trained Environmental Physician, was aware of the dangers of this system before that, however. So when she received a notice stuck in her door just a week ago saying that her property would be the site of a so-called “Small Cell 5G tower”, she was understandably alarmed.

These towers are designated as “small” because they are “ONLY” 34′ tall.

She and Counsel Ralph immediately started looking for an attorney who could stop this potentially deadly placement. There is, by the way, reason to believe that one of the other judges on the Tribunal, Sally Elkordy, was assassinated last November through the use of a similar tower placed equally close to her home.

The radiation levels were apparently so high that it took less than a week to kill her.

We believe that General Bert was assisted in dying for similar reasons and there have been several documented and very serious attempts on Dr. Rima’s life since her husband’s untimely death.

Two law firms unexpectedly backed off although this is the sort of case they deal with as a special focus.

Counsels Ralph and Alfred sprang into action and wrote Cease and Desist letters to the involved parties based on several different factors.

No response was received but Dr. Rima banded together with her neighbors and reached out to their Counselmember for help.

Sitting in the 110 degree sun for two days, blocking the site with their cars and bodies, signing up neighbors and issuing the Cease and Desist orders (plus an appearance last night on local Channel 13 TV) and suddenly the unthinkable happened: Counsel Member Steve Kosechek called Dr. Rima to tell her that AT&T had AGREED TO SUSPEND CONSTRUCTION OF THE TOWER UNTIL SEPTEMBER TO ALLOW FOR DISCUSSION WITH THE COMMUNITY!

And when she asked about the other towers slated for construction, she was informed, in writing, that there had only been a single permit issued for the construction of this type of tower: the one to be built 20′ from her home.

PUSH BACK works, but only if you actually push back

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