Re-Think Pink and Run!

No More Pink Tax? Great Idea

Checking my email I saw an invitation from, a grocery delivery company, to save 20% off my entire order if I added 2 designated picnic products. I live in Tucson, where temperatures exceed 100 F on a daily basis, so picnics are not my thing, but I opened the ad anyway and searched for ‘Organic’ since, if it goes in or on me and it isn’t organic, it does not enter my house.

Well, I found organic tampons noted as having “no Pink Tax”. Hmmmm….

What’s a Pink Tax, I wondered. I probably do not want to pay it, but I would like to know what it is.

Checking out Pink Tax: It’s Time to Rethink Pink I learned that men’s equivalent products are cheaper than women’s because of differential, gender-based gouging and Boxed is having none of it, pricing men’s and women’s items the same.

I must admit that I was relieved to know that men’s tampons will cost the same as mine, but then I realized that, as nice as that is, it totally misses the point that is important to me. The whole Pink Ribbon atrocity is the problem, not gender-based price hikes since we all can comparison shop if we want to now that we have the [censored, biased but highly commercial] internet.

No, the problem is that October is Breast Cancer Month on the deceptive and dangerous premise that getting more mamograms and taking Tamoxifen are somehow good for your health. Neither is.

Here is the letter I wrote to about it:

I was hoping that your Rethink Pink was focused on the fact that the entire Pink Ribbon campaign is a fraud and causes enormous harm.

The campaign is, in essence, a marketing program to get more women to have mammograms (banned in Sweden and other countries because they under diagnose breast cancer (30%), over diagnose breast cancer (30%) AND cause breast cancer by exposing sensitive tissue to unnecessary radiation.

In fact, Siemen’s and GE, the two main mammography device manufacturers have partnered with Astra Zenica, the makers of Tamoxifen, a drug many women are placed on for life after a diagnosis of “breast cancer” by mammogram which is well documented to CAUSE breast cancer, have dreadful side effects and be strikingly ineffective as a cancer treatment, but strikingly effective as a financial tool for Astra Zenica.

Have you noticed that “prevention” has become “early detection”? They are not at all the same thing and, in fact, mammograms are very poor at both detection AND prevention.

But, to quote the old song, “… my God, how the money rolls in!”

I would appreciate greatly hearing from you.

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

I would love it if you would contact, too. Their contact page can be accessed at the bottom of their website.

While we are at it, why not contact every company playing off, or with, or into the Pink Ribbon atrocity and help save some lives.

You can still walk and run. You do not need a pink ribbon for that.

Re-Think Pink and Run!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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PS – So if mammography is a really, really bad idea, what’s a good one? Thermography.

It’s a simple, non-invasive test which measures the heat output of your tissues which has been proven to detect cancers, which have increased metabolic rates compared to normal tissues and therefore produce more heat energy, years before they show up on x-rays, which is what mammograms are. No radiation. Far superior accuracy. Much earlier detection. Far fewer false positives and false negatives. No walkathons or pink hoopla. Just earlier detection, improved health and no risk of cancer induction. A much better idea, indeed.

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