3 thoughts on “Reiner Fuellmich Announces Criminal Trial on Covid Crimes Against Humanity

  1. very excited to watch this– thanks Reiner and team
    i work on this fulltime over here in ‘progressive’ regressive – Marin (moron) county in the bay area of CA and i have to say- without you – your interviews- all your work- I’m not sure how much hope i’d have- but you all have given me and so many others so much- a lifetime of gratitude to you!

  2. One of the major conspirators in this COVID Plandemic is the Mainstream Media in the US and in other countries. If Reiner Fullmich and his associate attorneys are successful, the liars at these MSM companies will have to reach deep down into their disinformation talent pool to cover up this massive flood of truth about the RT-PCR test, the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and the massive suppression of long known early effective and cheap treatments such as hydroxycloroquine and ivermectine. God bless Reiner and his cohorts in this endeavor.

  3. Dr. REINER FUELLMICH I watched your pretrial video and have to say that the interruptions(fox appearing on screen), during the video was down-breaking of your presentation.

    PLEASE make sure that these interruptions are stopped, otherwise your effort will be of no effect to the world.

    Kind regards

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