RFK Jr Reveals Vaccine Smoking Gun: No Vax Harm Reports to Congress


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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., appearing on Del Bigtree’s program, High-Wire (July 12, 2018) revealed startling information regarding the failure of the Federal Health Authorities to abide by the 1986 vaccine law by failing to report vaccine injuries to Congress and failing to make vaccines safer.

Reported by leading vaccine lawyer Kent Heckenlively [1] Mr. Bigtree began by stating:

Here is what took place.  Bobby Kennedy and I, and a group of people, as I pointed out, went to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to meet.  It was set up by Donald Trump.  We had the opportunity to talk to the heads of our health departments and explain what issues we had.” [2]

Counsel Heckenlively reports Robert F. Kennedy Jr as saying on the program:

“We had a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request from my non-profit, ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network).  We submitted a FOIA request, simply looking for any sort of documents relating to the work done by HHS pursuant to this mandate by the 1986 law that would show us the work on surveillance, the work on safety testing they’ve done, and all of those… We wanted to see thirty years of reports, that they were required to provide every two years to Congress to show they were making vaccines safer.  Well, they didn’t respond.  …”

Ultimately, after suing, the Federal Judge essentially required the HHS to admit:

These searches did not locate records responsive to your request, or indicate that records responsive to your request and in the custody of HHS are located at federal records center.”

Counsel Heckenlively wants to know if the Trump Administration will act now that HHS has admitted what it has done.  Mr. Bigtree asked just that question and got this answer from RFK Jr.

“I don’t think that fact that now we have this settlement in a lawsuit from HHS that has admitted it’s not doing the things it was Congressionally mandated to do in order to protect vaccine safety supply, although it would be devastating in most circumstances, and cataclysmic for most agencies, I don’t think with this particular administration that it’s going to make any difference.”

What are we to do? This is what Counsel Heckenlively recommends:

The “DEEP STATE” Has Defied Five Presidents When It Comes to Protecting Our Children…

It has been 31 years since the law was enacted, and it has been 31 years of no required vaccine safety activity.

This is our chance to come together as Americans (Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents) to demand that our President, and our Congress, order the the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to perform those safety inspections, etc, under the terms of the 1986 Act.

Contact the White House and ask president Trump to:

(1)  Read the lawsuit admission by DHHS that they knowingly are ignoring their obligations under the 1986 Act.  Order DHHS to IMMEDIATELY comply with the law.

(2)  Order the DHHS inspector General to Immediately investigate why and how the NIH failed to comply with the law for 31 years.

(3)  Put the “Vaccine Safety Commission” in place, with Bobbie Kennedy Jr as its chairman.

(4)  Ask President Trump to Tweet the news that, for 31 years, DHHS has not done its job to insure vaccine safety.

How to reach the President:

White House Switchboard Comments line – (202) 456-1111

EMAIL PRESIDENT TRUMP – www.whitehouse.gov/contact/


The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

My comments:

What RFK Jr. revealed is a serious violation of Congressional intent. The President is mandated by the Constitution to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Every President since Reagan has failed to do so. What will Trump do?

Perhaps it is time to sue under the First Amendment challenging the constitutionality of the 1986 law, which unconstitutionally abrogated our right to petition the courts for redress for vaccine injuries!

Further, without the Govt obeying the reporting and safety provisions of the 1986 law, how can any vaccine mandate survive judicial challenge.

We now know that the Federal Government has denied us the “Informed” part of “Informed Consent” in violation of US and international law, including the Nuremberg Code.  To protect your right to refuse medical interventions without Informed Consent you need the Advance Vaccine Directive card, asserting your right: http://tinyurl.com/AVDcard

Either the 1986 law is unconstitutional or all vaccine mandates are unlawful… or both!

[1] http://bolenreport.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr-and-an-amazing-vaccine-legal-victory/

[2] https://youtu.be/fqT7dgLIy-I


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