Rules For Thee But Not For Me

Broadway Star Angrily Lectures Audience Member For Not Wearing a Mask While Not Wearing a Mask

“It’s okay when we do it!”

By Paul Joseph Watson – May 12, 2022

Broadway star Patti LuPone launched an angry rant at an audience member for not wearing a mask properly during a Q&A session, despite the fact that neither LuPone or any of her colleagues were wearing masks at all.

LuPone was appearing alongside her “Company” costars at the American Theatre Wing when she appeared to target a woman sat near the front for not wearing her face mask over her nose.

“Put your mask over your nose. That’s why you’re in the theater,” LuPone screeched.

“That is the rule. If you don’t want to follow the rule, get the fuck out. I’m serious, she added while gesticulating aggressively. “Who do you think you are if you do not respect the people sitting around you?”

When one audience member dared to respond, “I pay your salary,” LuPone shot back.

“You pay my salary? Bullshit!” Chris Harper pays my salary,” she said, referring to the show’s producer.

No one in the audience pointed out the ultimate irony – LuPone was lecturing everyone else in the room for not wearing a mask properly while she wasn’t wearing one at all, and neither were any of her colleagues.

LuPone previously missed 10 performances earlier this year after testing positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated.

As ever, LuPone responded by thanking the vaccine.

During a previous appearance on The View, the actress also demanded that mask mandates in theaters be kept in place for much longer.

“Just because those theaters are old, the seats are close, and we’re not out of this,” she said.

As we have exhaustively highlighted, there is no scientific evidence that masks have any measurable impact on stopping the spread of COVID-19, but they have been more successful in stunting the cognitive development of babies and toddlers.

The UK government’s own investigation found that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “not conclusive.”

According to University of Oxford Professor Jim Naismith, when England dropped face mask mandates back in July and Scotland maintained them, it made “no meaningful difference” to infection rates.

We previously highlighted the comments of UK government SAGE adviser Dr Colin Axon, who dismissed masks as “comfort blankets” that do virtually nothing, noting that the COVID-19 virus particle is up to 5,000 times smaller than the holes in the mask.

“The small sizes are not easily understood but an imperfect analogy would be to imagine marbles fired at builders’ scaffolding, some might hit a pole and rebound, but obviously most will fly through,” Axon said.

Given that the event was a Q and A, and not a theatrical performance, LuPone and her colleagues could have easily all worn masks, but chose not to, while imposing the rule on everyone else in the room.

Apparently, they’re better than you, and different rules apply.

“It’s okay when we do it!”


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