One thought on “Scaring young moms for fun and profit

  1. Very important article, THANK YOU.

    Assuming the described conditions of those children’s are real (possibly to doubt), the first question would be, are they exposed to the covid injected? Can’t find the page right now, but the Pfizer descriptions of their GENETIC experiments on humans with the covid injections introduced a completely new disease in children, s.c. multinflammatory disease or something like that, which would imply, ‘their’ goal to inject every single soul on this planet, now all these children, alone because of shedding the pest by the clueless morons who allowed the injections in the first place! Just wish every single outlet directs ALL news for all clueless parents to alternative doctors who know what is going on, and leave ALL HOSPITALS EMPTY!!!
    To support the covid scam and crime is a suicide.

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