‘Significant’ Vaccine Side Effects in Florida

With just 1.8 million vaccines doses delivered to Florida’s 21 million people [1] troubling levels of adverse reactions are being reported.

Here are the relevant statistics from the South Florida Sun Sentinel as reported by HeadlineHealth.com. [2]

– 8,523 COVID-19 vaccine adverse event reports in the U.S.

– 417 COVID-19 vaccine adverse events reports from Florida

– 329 deaths in the U.S.; 213 are individuals 65 or older.

– Sixteen deaths in Florida; 13 are individuals 65 years or older.

The Newspaper report continues:

Some of the most crucial revelations focus on how seniors — studied minimally in trials but considered a priority in Florida — are reacting to the vaccine.

So far, reported side effects range from the common such as fever, chills and headache to the more serious including chest pains, palpitations and stroke.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a team assigned to investigate all reported reactions, plow through medical records, and identify any patterns.

Floridians have made 417 reports of COVID-19 vaccine “adverse events” through Jan. 22, out of more than 8,500 nationwide.

The CDC also is investigating 16 deaths in Florida that occurred shortly after the individuals received their vaccination.

Those individuals range in age from 56 to 94, and 13 died within two days of receiving a vaccine. Only one had received a second dose, according to reports in the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. “Every death reported will be investigated to determine the cause,” said Martha Sharan, a CDC spokeswoman …

Many of the most severe reactions reported so far affected people older than 75 who had multiple underlying conditions, including cardiomyopathy, angina, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, diverticulitis, hypertension and COPD.

Statistically Florida has an adverse reaction rate of about 1 in 4.3 thousand shots.  The death rate “from” COVID remains about about 1.5% of those who are diagnosed “with” COVID. [3]

What is “too high” an adverse reaction rate?  That is an issue for each person to decide.  What is too high an adverse reaction rate for you?  Under the universal right of Informed Consent it is only your choice.  You must decide if the risks outweigh the claimed benefit of the vaccine.

What is that claimed benefit?  Dr. Laibow  has raised that issue and finds that the test conducted with the COVID vaccines do not show an improvement in immunity for those receiving the shot.  There is no benefit that can be proven from the clinical trials. [4]

The choice is yours



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