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I posted this article at The Bolen Report:

Before there was the Great Global Social Media Boycott…” – being done by OUR side there were the three “Social Media Purges of 2018, 2020 and 2021” done to us by them.

      • First they came for the “Neo Nazis” and nobody complained.

      • Then they came for Alex Jones and a few people complained.

      • Then just before the 2020 election in October they came for me and thousands of other independent voices on the social media and people were “too busy” to complain.

      • Then the Election Fraud of 2020 was engineered and they started coming after President Trump and anyone who questioned the Deep State narrative that the election wasn’t stolen. Some complained.

      • The complainers were banned too. Some have even been arrested. One blogger was just arrested for a satirical meme he posted in 2016. [1]

      • The Great Social Media Purge banned nearly all dissident voices, even retired Congresspeople like Dr. Ron Paul, “The Conscience of the Constitution”. There was no one left to complain.

      • We watched in disbelief as the Supreme Court failed to protect the electoral process, although the 2018 Perez Decision, written by the now-compromised Chief Justice, told us that the courts must consider public-record statistical evidence of fraud in election cases.

      • We were further shocked to see the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other oath-breaking officers allow foreign-controlled, corrupt politicians steal the election.

      • We saw Congress first abandoning the Capitol (in false-flag false fear of unarmed People) and then meekly allowing the fraudulent electoral votes to be counted. Shades of the Reichstag Fire.

      • Finally, the ultimate spectacle of Deep State operatives installing [not “inaugurating”] the new Head of the Regime while 25,000 troops apparently loyal to the deep state Regime, but not the People, stood in witness, at the Capitol, surrounded by barbed wire.

Read more here:  https://bolenreport.com/the-great-global-social-media-boycott-of-2021-has-already-started/

And join the #GreatGlobalSocialMediaBoycott NOW!

The first step is to stop using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Search.  Even if you continue to monitor any of the Big Four, do not ever buy anything through advertising on those platforms.

The second step is to join alternative platforms like Minds.com and Telegram.org

OST is on both.  There are links to them on this page, on the top of the right hand column.

Declare your freedom from the Mind Control Media!


Minds requires “two factor” verification so you will have to have an App such as Authy to verify who you are.

Telegram will need to confirm your email address.

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