Escaping Social Media Mind Control

How to Boycott Big Tech Big Media


I previously wrote about getting away from Social Media Mind Control [1].  Now let’s look at how to get started…

Here is how to set up two of the recommended, free Alt Social Media.

[1] — Telegram is an encrypted message service that also supports a vibrant chatting system which includes powerful, uncensored leading-edge chats covering political, social and military affairs.

Some well-known people on Telegram, like Donald J. Trump Jr., have upwards of a million subscribers. While much smaller than Big Tech, Telegram has been around for a decade and is rapidly growing.

Go to:

When you join Telegram, here is the OST link:

Those are good places to start to free your mind.

Free yourself from Big Tech’s Social Media Mind Control!

[2] — Minds is a fast-growing, uncensored social media which uses its own blockchain tokens as internal currency to promote your messages.  I have had a couple of interesting conversations with Minds’ founder.  He is strongly anti-censorship. In some ways it operates like Facebook.

Go to:

Our Minds feed is:


[1] My first article in this series is here:


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