Speculation is Not Proof. But Patents ARE Proof

Speculation is not proof. But Patents ARE proof


Note from Dr. Rima:  Karen Kingston, Big Pharma insider specializing in intellectual property, shows us that without a single shred of doubt ALL COVID jabs are designed to weave us into the AI matrix AND kill us. I cannot urge you strongly enough to watch the video and take the urgent action provided to stop the slaughter.

Here’s Stew Peter’s interview with Karen Kingston.


Now, having watched this interview, your next thought is probably, “My God! We have to stop this NOW!” That’s what I thought, too.

The bad news is that this monstrous evil really is being foisted on us.

The good news is that we really do have a method of stopping the murdering monsters before they kill us all.

Council Ralph and I served for months on a Tribunal of Conscience which indicted, tried and convicted the perpetrators of this genocide. Following conviction, a se3ries of lawful Cease and Desist Orders were created meant to be served by us, the targets of their criminal behavior, on them.

When you visit www.marshallsofconscience.com you can become part of that enforcement.

Let me be clear: 47 people taking these steps will have no impact.

4.7 million will. For each person taking action at www.marshallsofconscience.com, 80+ letters will be sent enforcing these Cease and Desist Orders.

4 million people multiplied by 80 letters is a lot of letters saying “We understand perfectly what you have done and we, the People, order you to Cease and Desist. Your power rests in our faith in you and your actions and we no longer have faith in your actions, nor do we trust you.”

There are [still] so many more of us than there are of them that they have no choice to do two things: 1. double down on their massive and limitlessly funded propaganda “safe and effective” propaganda campaign and 2. back away from their intended course of action.

Will they come back again? Of course. Just because we stop them again does not mean that they will relinquish their goal of total world domination after massive depopulation.

Do we expect millions of health freedom advocates to act? YES! In 2009/10, during the weaponized Swine Flu Panic, a previous attempt to create a false-flag pandemic and usher in medical tyranny, the “Plan” was to vaccinate everyone with an unsafety tested vaccine (sound familiar?). The Government bought $6 billion worth of vaccines and another half billion dollars worth of squalene, to use as an adjuvant to extend the supply of the vaccines. However, the FDA’s own scientists would not sign-off on the use of squalene (maybe because they knew that the US Government owned patents (yep, sounds more familiar) on using squalene injections to cause irreversable infertility in both men and women (are you following?) — in just the amount to be added to the jabs.

Over five million people used our action items and flooded Congress and the FDA/CDC with “Don’t You Dare” messages. It worked. People refused the vaccines; there was no pandemic; the Government had to dispose of billions of dollars worth of toxic vaccines…

That was then. This is now. It is a frightening measurement of just how dangerous medical tyranny has become that the Government, this time, has been able to force us all to abide by masking, lockdown and jab mandates although each of those steps prevented the development of Community Immunity until recently. The so-called “Delta” variant of the alleged virus is a good sign. In a “normal” pandemic the disease starts out very dangerous and as more Community Immunity develops (if people are allowed to experience sub-clinical or mild cases and not isolated) the virus mutates and becomes both more widespread and less deadly. That’s what has happened many times in human history.

It can only happen now if we refuse to comply with medical insanity. Repeating the failed public health interventions will not end this. Obeying the public health authorities will not end this. ONLY YOUR ACTION TO TELL THEM: DON’T YOU DARE WILL STOP IT.

Here is the link to take action now. Tell your Congress critters and the Head of the Regime #DontYouDare.


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