Stop the Mandates Amici Briefs eFiled with SCOTUS


With your help we met the deadline to file an Amicus Brief in two vaxx mandate cases heading to the US Supreme Court. We need your continuing help as these cases continue.

Copies of the documents are posted below.  Our thanks to Counsel Patricia Finn JD (the Good Health Lawyer, Rockland County, NY) and Counsel Larry Becaft JD (the Dean of the Patriot Lawyers, Huntsville, Alabama).  Our further thanks to “No Name Jane” the patriot paralegal for all her logistical help.

Here is the Amicus Brief on behalf of Natural Solutions Foundation filed in case 21-295:

Amicus Brief 21-295

Here is the Amicus Brief on behalf of the Institute for Health Research filed in case 21-300

IHR Amicus brief 21-f

Here is the introduction to the 21-295 Brief:


This amicus brief is filed on behalf of a non-governmental private association representing over one hundred thousand individuals who seek natural solutions for their health concerns and who reject the use of “unavoidably unsafe”1 vaccination.2 Amicus curiae is the Natural Solutions Foundation, a private association originally organized in Nevada, by its Trustee and Legal Director Ralph Fucetola J.D., and its Trustee and Medical Director Rima E. Laibow, M.D. Our associates are nongovernmental organizations and individuals who advocate for recognition of the value of ‘natural immunity’ in achieving and maintaining viable public health.

Moreover, the associates of the Natural Solutions Foundation have what this Court has determined to be a protected privacy interest in preventing agents of the government, including private parties acting under color of law, from “piercing the skin” without
their informed consent.3

Here is the introduction to the 21-300 Brief:


The Institute for Health Research is an exempt nongovernmental organization located in the States of New Jersey and Texas, and its Trustee and President is Ralph Fucetola, J.D. This Institute advocates for natural solutions to human health problems, as opposed to the use of vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and other unnatural interventions. The Institute seeks to help the public to prevent disease and strengthen immunity and health through providing information covering studies, protocols, and information on dietary supplements and other natural products.

Compelled vaccination through governmental force represents the exact scenario that the Institute for Health Research seeks to discourage and prevent, in the interest of the bodily integrity of all individuals. Further, the existence of a “control group” of unvaccinated persons is a national treasure, and indispensible to demonstrating the efficacy of natural solutions vs. vaccines in preventing and mitigating disease.

Finally, as all people everywhere, the Institute has a keen interest in preventing the use of misbranded drugs which could cause genocide. This amicus brief is submitted in support of the Petitioners Joy Garner et al.

5 thoughts on “Stop the Mandates Amici Briefs eFiled with SCOTUS

  1. The mandates are against our god given human sovereignty rights on earth. Government must serve people’s freedom.

  2. The mandates are unacceptable. An industry protected from liability for its products is unacceptable. The erosion of our Constitutional Guarantees is unacceptable. There is no threat greater than the erosion of individual freedom. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Do NOT follow orders!

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