The Dtap Vaccine Is Causing the Increase In Whooping Cough Rates


This week we’ve heard  about the skyrocketing rates of whooping cough, and predictably a call for mandatory vaccinations.  Pregnant women are also being pushed once again to vaccinate, because as we know there’s nothing at all wrong with injecting a toxic and untested cocktail of chemicals into a woman who is growing a baby.

Unvaccinated children continue to take the blame, when the vaccine is ineffective and has actually been proven to be a major cause of the increase.

Study Shows The Vaccine Actually Causes Whooping Cough

Take this 2010 Penn State Study which found that widespread Dtap vaccination has caused an increase in B parapertusis infection, which is a typically milder strain of whooping cough.  The vaccine only protects against pertussis, not parapertussis.    Around 40% of cases of pertussis in one US study were found to be parapertussis.

Further, we show that aP vaccination impedes host immunity against B. parapertussis-measured as reduced lung inflammatory and neutrophil responses. Thus, we conclude that aP vaccination interferes with the optimal clearance of B. parapertussis and enhances the performance of this pathogen – Acellular pertussis vaccination facilitates Bordetella parapertussis infection.

Whooping Cough is caused by any of these three strains bacteria; Bordella pertussis, bordetella parapertussis and bordellaholmesii.   The vaccine has actually caused over time two of the strains to form.  So over time the vaccine has actually increased rates of pertussis in the community, not decreased them as we are lead to believe.

Other studies have also showed how those vaccinated for whooping cough can still be asymptomatic carriers, passing on the bacteria without even showing any symptoms.

Risks of Dtap Vaccination.

Although the media continues to ignore the significant risks of vaccination, there is more and more research becoming available to show how unsafe they actually are.  Most recently this study found whooping cough vaccination associated with a significant  increase in mortality rates in young infants.

The risks are not worth it, vaccination is unsafe and is causing an increase in whooping cough rates.  Instead of blaming unvaccinated children, let’s look at what’s really to blame – the Dtap vaccine itself.


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