The Good Doctors

Big Pharma: Afraid of You and Truth!
Vax Madness Reveals Big Pharma Fear

Many doctors are on the take, big time.  Pediatricians with “fully vaccinated” patient loads make huge amounts of bonus money from vax makers and more than half of their income is from injecting pus and poison into those young patients.

How are such bribes even legal?

Because Big Pharma campaign contributions (the real interference in the elections) buys government power for drug company profits.

Look what happened in California where millions were spent to support Bad Doctor Pan and his SB277 Forced Vaccine Bill, signed into law by CA Gov. Jerry Brownshirt.  Caring parents there are homeschooling or moving to freer states.

Of course, the wisest among them are availing themselves of their right of Informed Consent with the Advance Vaccine Directive,

Other Bad Doctors, like the horrifyingly bad Dr. Paul Offitt, Big Pharma’s favorite “ethicist”, tell us infants [you know, those tiny, vulnerable humans with an immature immune system] could receive “10,000 vaccines without harm.”

It’s not just the vaccine profits, with no risk of law suits from vax harms, but it’s the “downstream” profits from chronic diseases triggered by vax toxins that Big Pharma craves so badly.  For example, autism is now becoming even more profitable than cancer. It’s already there in the UK and the US is moving rapidly in that direction.

Then Big Pharma has us stricken with BOTH cancer AND autism at epidemic rates.

It gets worse. The Bad Doctors use Bad Science to force dangerous drugs on an unsuspecting public. Big Pharma loves Bad Doctors, and when one of them achieves nearly 100% “vaccine compliance” they can receive cash rewards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually (or more) from the drug makers. Can you spell “KICKBACK”?

However, not all of our medical professionals are Bad Doctors. There are thousands of Good Doctors who know natural means to achieving and maintaining health are what real health care ought to seek.

Those who have not been murdered continue to bring you real health and healing.

We’ve supported the Good Doctors and helped Natural Solutions Supporters learn about them.  Here, for example, is a posthumous virtual interview with the very Good Doctor Moulden, created by our friend Richard Sacks — . Dr Moulden’s highly suspicious death did not stifle the real results he found: every single vaccine dose administered causes real, visible and identifiable damage – to each person who receives any vaccine.  And then he showed how to identify that damage. And he died. Mysteriously.

Sometimes it’s really tough to be a Good Doctor. Dr. Suzanne Humphries has received a vile death threat.  Dr. Rima and General Bert received them from a supposed “Health Freedom supporter” several times.  General Bert, while not a doctor, was a vocal health freedom advocate.  His death, on his birthday last year, is highly questionable.

We all know the story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield who blew the whistle on the MMR Vaccine connection to gastrointestinal problems that are frequently associated with autism.  He was viciously persecuted and lost his license, even though the “evidence” had been trumped-up by a now defunct fake news newspaper whose owners had a direct financial stake in the vaccine industry.  It’s taken him years to be vindicated.

But what is worse, from Big Pharma’s viewpoint, are those Bad Doctors who turn Good like now former medical director of the Cleveland Clinic who was fired for daring to merely question publicly the safety and efficacy of vaccines! He said he chose to use mercury and aluminum free vaccines when available. And then wrote an article horrified that the so-called “preservative free” version of the vaccine contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and that he got the flu after the flu shot, as so many do!

That little bit of goodness was enough… “Off with his head!”  Let’s remember Good Doctor Neides among the company of heroes.  He needs our support as he learns the truth about Vax Madness; as he continues on his journey to honest health care! [1]

The number of Good Doctors is beginning to grow. That means that informed patients are listening — and sometimes actually teaching their doctors and helping them in their transformation.

The long nightmare of deadly illness-for-profit is slowly ending. The Truth will win out.  It always does. But it wins out only if WE, collectively, and YOU, individually, pay attention, and share that Truth on the social media, in your conversations, in your social settings, by email, etc.  Without YOU the Good Doctors will be destroyed by the Big Pharma Deep State — and without the Good Doctors, WE all will be destroyed by the Big Pharma Deep State.

And you and your children will suffer.

Please take the next step for your sake, the sake of the Good Doctors and for the sake of all of us: We need you to share this article on the social media and we need you to help us “grow the list” — your support on Natural Solutions Social Media [Facebook link: ] and your presence, along with your Circle of Influence, on our Health Freedom eList [Sign-up link: ] will make all the difference. The Deep State “email service providers” just chopped another ten thousand addresses from our eList.  We need to get the word out; if you do not receive at least weekly emails from Dr. Rima you know you have been chopped and need to sign-up again.  It takes some effort to stay in touch, but that effort is worth it, since Natural Solutions is your link to Health Freedom Truth!

That’s how we can make sure the Good Doctors are heard. That’s how we retain our Health Freedom rights.  Remember, General Bert said “Informed Consent is the Defining Issue of the 21st Century.” He was right. It is. Let’s make sure that WE define it, not Big Pharma.

Yours in health and freedom,

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutons Trustee

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