The Latest from the Tokyo Olympics

Our Correspondent in Japan, Hon. M. Murata sends us this report:

I am almost daily sending out BCC messages to have the Tokyo Olympic Games cancelled.

President Thomas Bach is increasingly criticized for ignoring the Japanese public opinion.

The Japanese have the impression that the infamousnuclear village is little different from the currentOlympic village.

The Japanese are not happy to see Japan thus humiliated.

The opening ceremony has its image seriously damaged by the choice of a composer in charge of the Event. He has revealed having been engaged in publicly abusing the handicapped.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Shigenobu Katsunobu Kato today stated that it could not excused and asked the Japanese Organizing Committee to redress the situation.

The high-ranking guests who have announced their participation could not but reconsider their decision.

The rapidly increasing India/Delta variants infections in Tokyo require maximum precaution.

Civil society persists in calling for its cancellation as the only solution.

With warmest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

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