The Left Is Furious With The Creator Of Libs Of TikTok Because She’s Highly Effective At Exposing Them

The videos Chaya Rachik has collected and posted have contributed enormously to the parents’ movement in America.

(LifeSiteNews) — A few weeks ago, the Washington Post’s internet culture beat reporter Taylor Lorenz wrote an article doxxing the creator of the viral Twitter account Libs of TikTok. Libs of TikTok is run by Chaya Raichik, who collects videos—primarily TikTok videos—of progressives doing and saying insane things. Most notably, her viral videos of teachers explaining how they introduce queerness and gender theory to their young students have helped to fuel the ongoing parental backlash to the indoctrination of their children. 

The Washington Post staff wasn’t embarrassed by Lorenz’s harassment of Raichik (and her family)—in fact, they were so pleased by their story that they sunk cash into boosting the story across their social media platforms for days. The mainstream media swung into defence, explaining that doxxing is always wrong except for people like Raichik, who, in the words of NBC, “cowers behind her computer screen to share anti-LGBTQ content anonymously.” (The same article referred to Joe Rogan and Meghan McCain as “far right,” so take that for what it’s worth.)  

There’s an interesting admission being made here. Libs of TikTok doesn’t feature anti-LGBTQ content—it features videos that progressives themselves posted to social media expressing their own thoughts. How is a video of a teacher explaining gender theory to kids anti-LGBTQ? Well, mostly because when the video goes viral, parents—and people in general—are appalled. Apparently posting videos of teachers expressing their own views in their own words is anti-LGBTQ because the Washington Post and NBC doesn’t care for what happens when the indoctrination taking place behind closed classroom doors spills into public for everyone to see. 

The creator of Libs of TikTok has committed the cardinal conservative sin of effectiveness. The videos Rachik has collected and posted—which could accurately described as “amplifying” LGBTQ voices, in my opinion—have contributed enormously to the parents’ movement in America. Earlier this week, I mentioned a TikTok video of a fourth grade teacher explaining that many of her students are queer because she is queer. As a result of that video, the school released a statement: 

Late Friday afternoon, May 6, 2022, we became aware of a concerning video posted to social media by one of our teachers. In the video, the teacher describes inappropriate conversations with former students. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation. Our teachers are expected to comport themselves with the highest degree of professionalism. Behavior that is unprofessional, in violation of state code, or that violates the trust placed in us by the families of Renaissance Academy will not be tolerated.  

Remember—this teacher’s comments were not discovered by an undercover investigation initiated by conservative journalists at Veritas or some other outlet. They were voluntarily recorded and placed online by the teacher herself. These educators know that the mainstream media will never report on their more disturbing comments, and they also know that they will get a wave of affirmation from posting to social media. But when a woman like the creator of Libs of TikTok decides to amplify these LGBTQ voices, suddenly parents start to wake up—and realize that it is their kids teachers like this woman are talking about in these videos. They are speaking up, and schools are responding. 

That is why Libs of TikTok is now fair game for the mainstream media. They aren’t interested in reporting on teachers indoctrinating kids into queerness. But they will target the woman using social media to point out that this is happening—because she gets results. She exposes what the media should be exposing. And when she does, people get fired and things change.


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