The Secret Controllers

The Secret Controllers
It’s Always Conspiracy Theory
Until It’s Conspiracy Fact

Let’s imagine a secret conversation a couple of weeks ago between two of The Secret Controllers. We don’t know who they are but let’s call them Ghee and Sorrows just to have some names.

One says to the other, “Well the pandemic didn’t get the results we expected, western civilization didn’t collapse. Now what?”

Response: “Not to worry they’ve been locked down for months; their economy is in shambles – unemployment ratcheting from very low to very high; there will be an incident – some cop somewhere will do something and the riots will inevitably start. ‘Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.’.”

It is not politically correct to express a belief that modern politics is driven by conspiracies — by actual groups of real politicos meeting in smoke-free rooms and manipulating people’s emotions and thoughts.  Well, of course, one might admit, there are some political conspiracies, but they happened safely in the past.  You know, the plot to kill Caesar, or Lincoln, or JFK (oops, not that one, just a ‘lone gunman…’).  Maybe, back then, Lenin and Trotsky conspiring with certain bankers for funding.  Just because Hiss was a KGB asset afterall doesn’t mean that conspiracies continue. That’s all in the past.

Now we live in transparent times with unprecedented mass media and ubiquitous social media. No one can fool us.

But what if Lincoln was wrong, what if you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to maintain power in the hands of a “two party” corrupt cabal that trades insults and jobs but keeps the system going?

An Alternative Voice

We hear a lot about systemic racism, and that appears real enough.

But when do we hear about systemic political corruption? 

Hardly anyone raises an eyebrow when a high-level politician takes his son to a totalitarian country on an official plane and a couple weeks after returning, the son’s company gets one and a half billion dollars from an “investment” company with links to the regime. That level of corruption.

Racism is widely condemned and must be addressed, by repealing the laws and regulations that enforce racism while pretending to be neutral.  For example, the 1994 Drug Law that effectively targeted a large percentage of young black males for illegal entrepreneurship.

But systemic statism is the very essence of the state, the government.  Federal government fraudulent procurement is the very essence of political manipulation of the economy.  It wasn’t just back in the 1960s that the MIC — the Military Industrial Complex — was used to manipulate education, technology and manufacturing.  Hundred dollar DOD screwdrivers are the norm, and the taxpayer gets… screwed.

Witness how Federal funding, from those taxpayers, has been used to militarize the police.  The police power grows to meet the needs of a growing police power…

The Secret Controllers have been working long and hard to maintain the system that has put literally trillions of dollars into their hands.  They are not ready to give up, especially now when they can feel their main goals: Tyranny and Depopulation, known originally as Agenda 21* to be so close to achievement.

If only those pesky independent voices would just go away. Or be shut up by government or by its crony corporations who use our Internet Commons pretending to just be public utilities offering a service to any and all on a free information market.

That’s why hundreds of thousands were lopped-off Dr. Rima’s email list by the “service” providers.  You can join that powerful list here: — one strong way to fight back.

The reality of statism is mind control.  Nothing less.

The necessary response is to Refuse, Resist and Raise Your Voice.

The front line of that reality is where ‘Plannedemic’ disease and racism and population control meet.

What do you need to do? Refuse to “take a knee” to any authority.  A sovereign person takes a knee to no one.  A slave is always on the knee, masked and unallowed to speak. Resist any way you can.

Raise Your Voice.  One powerful way to do that is to refuse and resist forced vaccination, the very central thrust of the neotyrannists.  [Warning: conspiracy theory here!] That COVID Vaxx, miraculously created in “record time” will be laced with micro chips to trace and dominate. If you, or your children, take that Mark of the Beast you will only have yourself to blame.

Get and use the Advance Vaccine Directive card.  Your right to Informed Consent is the one universal right that trumps the tyrannists.

Here it is:



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