There is a complaint about the death of Domenico Biscardi, a no-vax leader. It is from Senator Granato: Punishing the guilty

The former M5S senator Bianca Laura Granato filed a complaint with the carabinieri of Rome for the death of Domenico Biscardi, which took place in San Nicola la Strada.

“I ask for the punishment of the guilty”, we must “clarify the death of the doctor Domenico Biscardi“This is what the former M5S senator writes Bianca Laura Granato, in the complaint filed today, January 14, 2022, to the carabinieri of Rome to clarify the circumstances of the disappearance of Biscardi, national leader of the No-Vax, who died at 50 due to an illness in his apartment in San Nicola la Strada, in the province of Caserta. The funeral was held yesterday and saw the participation of many people from outside the region. The parliamentarian – former pentastellata, today in the mixed group – is now asking that light be shed on what she defines on her Facebook profile as “an anomalous death”.

Biscardi was not a doctor, scientific researcher or geneticist, as many believed, but he only had a degree in Pharmacy and in the past he had run a pub in Caserta. In recent years, however, it had achieved national visibility and following through a series of “alternative” narratives of scientific phenomena, particularly in recent times with video and audio on the Covid19 pandemic, in which he supported, among other things, the the dangers of vaccines, which he said would contain graphene and microtransmitters and various conspiracy theses on pharmaceutical companies. Not supported by any scientific evidence. Among his latest announcements, that of his upcoming trip to the European Supreme Court: “It will be a new Nuremberg,” he said.

The complaint presented by Senator Bianca Granato

His premature death has unleashed a wave of conspiracy theories on the web, among those who claim that he was “eliminated with a drone”, to those who say that he was “killed because it was inconvenient”.

Even the senator Bianca Laura Granato she had hotly admitted that she was shocked to learn of the death of “Doctor Biscardi”:

So all those who oppose these drugs and who speak with a minimum of knowledge of the facts … That is, he publicly stated that he had found evidence, that he had all the papers in his hand and that he was ready to make a complaint to the European Court . Now, look at the combination, very young, they find him dead in the house. Does anyone still believe these coincidences? I frankly no, I just don’t believe it anymore.

Today, around 13.30 the former pentastellata went to the Carabinieri station in piazza Farnese in Rome, a few steps from the Senate, to present complaint-lawsuit. To the soldiers of the Arma who collected the complaint, he gave two sheets of simple typewritten paper, front only, and a 16 GB USB key, with the attachments, also reserving the constitution of a civil party for the recognition of the damage.

«I ask for the punishment of the guilty – we read in the document that Granato then published on her Facebook page – considering what I explained in the attached complaint complaint, for all those crimes recognizable by the judicial authority, requesting as of now to be informed in case of filing of the instituting criminal proceedings “.

The former M5s parliamentarian (she was expelled in 2021 by Vito Crimi) then commented on her social profile:

From now on, no more joking! First of all, clarify the anomalous death of Biscardi.
This morning I presented a complaint to the Carabinieri which will be forwarded to the competent Prosecutor of Naples North.
It will be just the beginning of a long series!

The complaint / lawsuit presented by Senator Bianca Laura Granato


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