Thinking About Taking COVID-19 Vax? Think Again – Hard

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The Malign Influence of Mr. Gates and the Depopulationists

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima W. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions, November 14, 2020

Bill Gates is the man who famously stated “properly used, vaccines can reduce the world’s population by 12-15%” [1]

Mr. Gates is an avid and active actor on the global depopulation stage who puts his money where his depopulation mouth is, and has done for decades, killing and sterilizing vulnerable populations all over the world.[2]

He and his cronies are crowing loudly about the unnecessary and, I believe, massively dangerous Warp-Speed COVID-19 vaccines he stands to profit from, and depopulate with, so massively.

We say, “NO!”

And because we say, “NO!”,  Natural Solutions Foundation continues, at great risk, to champion your right to say it, too, by exercising your guaranteed Right of Informed Consent.

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Please note:  I do not endorse or object to the religious slant with which the video above opens and closes — the information presented is of massive importance and I urge you to watch and share it. The religiosity may or may not work for you.  If it does not, as it does not for me, ignore it and focus on the facts.

Those facts are what is important. The information presented by the preacher, by physicians and by others is correct: the gene-editing mRNA vaccines are designed to, as DARPA put it, subvert the human population.

Before the advent of gene-editing vaccines, the Courts have repeatedly declared that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. With the advent of poorly tested, “warp-speed ” approved vaccines designed to, quite literally, change -forever – the very DNA matrix of our bodies, the degree of unsafety cannot even be guessed.

DNA vaccines directly alter gene expression. mRNA vaccines “merely” change the output of the genetic matrix, creating novel proteins which have never been produced before.

These vaccines, untested in animals and now receiving their initial clinical trials in humans for “warp speed” deployment, may, if we are very, very lucky, just be ineffective and, like flu and other frequently administered vaccines, merely be inactive against the diseases they are supposed to protect against, or even mitigate.

They may be specifically and individually toxic, with squalene, aluminum hydroxide, Polysorbate 80 and other significant toxins injected directly into the body along with their supposed “protective’ components working the general neurological, immunological, and other system-wide damage of vaccines in general.

They may be second wave pathogens in themselves, designed to weaken humans and enhance their illness and death in the way that a second, larger blast is used by terrorists when an explosion is being responded to by helpers and a second, larger and more devastating explosion is detonated.

In this scenario, the alleged, and largely unwarranted, response to the “dangers” of a hugely over-hyped “pandemic” with totally unreliable testing and wildly inflated death tolls “compels” the nearly universal administration of a vaccine which alters response to another, later signal causing far greater damage. This process, called “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” or ADE, occurs when a creature, has a mild infection and then, exposed the second time, has a much more serious infection.'[3]

That means that a mild or asymptomatic infection, the type that the vast majority of people who “get” COVID-19 actually have, triggers a far more serious infection the next time around. Vaccines, such as one for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), can result in a mild condition turning into a deadly one: most children vaccinated for it had a mild case the first time but when vaccinated children were re-exposed, 80% of them had to be hospitalized and there were two deaths.  ADE did not occur in unvaccinated children.

This effect has been seen in humans in SARS (the direct ancestor virus of COVID-19), MERS, dengue, Ebola and dengue. Will injecting anti-body producing mRNA result in ADE? I do not want to find out with my body. How about you?

I have raised the issue of corporations or corporate-state conglomerates, claiming ownership positions for genes which they have intentionally modified through the use of their proprietary food technologies, asking if that opened the door to a level of slavery never before imagined. The issue, of course, has never been tested by the Courts in the US or elsewhere. Yet.

If you allow your genetic matrix – or your child’s – to be knowingly mutated to a patentable, and patented, form, are you still
   -Protected by laws against slavery?

If the insertion of foreign genetic instruction into your genetic matrix, a process of enough interest to Bill Gates for him to support – and own – several of the leading candidate vaccines, does not subject you to enslavement, and that ‘IF’ is by no means certain, there is still the issue of what altering your DNA will do, can do, will not do, when you go about your daily life.

To be sure, there are those who maintain that, unlike the coming DNA vaccines, the mRNA vaccines do not directly alter your DNA.  They simply add to the component of mRNA OUTSIDE the actual DNA and change what gets produced.

And, unless there are other technologies introduced at the same time, which I consider to be a very likely reality, that might be technically correct – but the function of your DNA is to produce mRNA which produces proteins which produce everything else that is you. If that mRNA is passed from cell to cell, from generation to generation, and you can never get rid of it, is that really OK with you?

It is most definitely not OK with me.

And then there is the very important question of what else is in those vaccines. If you believe that you can just read the label to find out, I have a very large bridge that I will be more than happy to sell you at a very good price.

What proteins will this untested, but permanently altered, DNA and mRNA code for? What changes in your immune status will it introduce? More cancer? Less cancer? Cytokine storms from countering otherwise trivial infections? Mutations in your body? Your children’s? Lowered IQ? Smaller stature? These last two are Agenda 21 goals, if you remember, since people who are fully fed as children and fully educated “consume more than their share of the resources of the planet”. Think about that.

Premature aging? Infertility? Hyperfertility? The unexpected expression of suppressed genetic potential good? for ill?

All of this is accomplished through nano technology either in the development of the material to be injected or introduced directly into the body as a component of the vaccine. But what about the nano chips and emitting and receiving technology which exists and can be easily inserted into the body via vaccines?

It’s a huge topic, and a nightmare-generating one, but a vitally important one. The very, very short answer? I believe there is enough technology will and ability to accomplish a brain-body AI interface at this point without much difficulty thanks to the likes of Charles M Lieber, PhD, one of the founders of Modenrna, Liqiang Mai, PhD, and, of course, the ever-involved Mr. Gates.[4]

There are two type of gene-editing vaccines barreling down the road towards us:

  • DNA vaccines are made up of small, circular pieces of bacterial plasmids which are engineered to target nuclear machinery and produce S protein of SARS-CoV-2 downstream.
  • mRNA vaccines on the other hand, are based on designer-mRNA delivered into the cytoplasm where the host cell machinery then translates the gene into a protein – in this case the full-length S protein of SARS-CoV-2. mRNA vaccines can be produced through in vitro transcription, which precludes the need for cells and their associated regulatory hurdles

While DNA vaccines offer higher stability over mRNA vaccines, the mRNA is non-integrating and therefore poses no risk of insertional mutagenesis. Additionally, the half-life, stability and immunogenicity of mRNA can be tuned through established modifications. [5]

And now, as if this is not bad enough, Mr. Gates is telling us that not only “It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world,” [6] but that “life will only be back to normal once a second generation of Covid-19 vaccine becomes available…. one that is super-effective” saying that only then “all the problems created by Covid-19 can be solved.”[7].

Tell you what, Mr. Gates, how about you just go depopulate the world of YOU and leave the rest of us alone? We’ll figure it out for ourselves without your malign influence.



8 thoughts on “Thinking About Taking COVID-19 Vax? Think Again – Hard

  1. The World Economic Forum put out a list for the future and at the bottom was sending people to Mars. How about if all the people who think the Earth is overcrowded, go to Mars. They can establish whatever kind of society they want and take their vaccines with them.

    1. This MRNA vaccine sounds like it’ll create mutants like in the movie Total Recall, which is coincidentally also about Mars…

  2. The Covid 1984 vax = transhuman DNA-RNA altering injection with a kill switch..combined with 5G = mass extermination.

  3. In short, I agree. Thanks for speaking out. Given the track record of flu vaccines and the experimental nature of these new COVID vaccines, it makes no sense to inoculate millions of people. It makes sense to the companies that will make billions of dollars, but that’s it.

    This is perhaps the most dangerous human experiment of our generation.

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