Twelve-year-old girl suddenly dies after receiving Gardasil HPV vaccine


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A Wisconsin family’s tragic loss of their 12-year-old daughter after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine has ramped up the questions people are asking about the efficacy and safety of the shots.

Meredith Prohaska, appearing in a family photo as a mop-topped, blond, barefoot kid happily climbing on some rocks, was taken from her family hours after being given the vaccine. And the family is not hearing adequate answers from her doctors and the CDC as to why this should be.

The CDC always says it’s a one in a million chance that someone will have an adverse reaction to one of its toxic salad of vaccines. But after the news broke of Meredith’s death, at least one other girl’s family contacted a local television news station in the area to report that their daughter had also suffered an adverse reaction and required hospitalization.

Those one in a million odds are looking to be a bit off, at least in that part of Wisconsin.

And while the standard speech about the safety of Gardasil and all other vaccines has been well-circulated following the girl’s death, there are a host of other facts that the CDC would rather you didn’t know.

• There are a lot of other side effects from Gardasil. Premature menopause and/or infertility has been reported, as has narcolepsy and autoimmune disorders, Guillain-Barre syndrome, stroke, venous thromboembolism, appendicitis, seizures, fainting and allergic reactions.
• The HPV vaccine has been halted in several countries, and lawsuits are pending. Spain and numerous other countries have lawsuits pending over HPV vaccine adverse reactions, and girls all over the world have reported problems.
• Vaccine manufacturers in the US are immune–from lawsuits. In 1986 a special no-fault vaccine court was set up to hear any and all cases involving vaccine injuries and deaths. And in 2011 the Supreme Court upheld that view, dismissing a landmark case in which a Pennsylvania family sued Wyeth over problems their daughter had contracted due to a vaccine in childhood. Congress passed the law after hearing that lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers were “threatening the stability of the nation’s vaccination program.” The maximum award from this court is $250,000.
• The U.S. Government receives royalties from the sale of Gardasil. The NIH has refused to disclose the amount of money Uncle Sam is raking in in the form of royalties from the sale of Gardasil, but it is a lot.
• The head of the CDC during the time in which Gardasil was approved is now head of Merck’s vaccine division. Julie Gerberding left the CDC in 2009 to take a cushy job with Merck, the company that just happens to be the largest supplier of CDC-recommended vaccines.

Suffice to say, there is so much more information out there about Gardasil and other vaccines that is routinely suppressed, stifled, and swept under the rug. It’s a tragedy and it should be the shame of us all that it takes the death of a child to periodically bring these facts to light. Stand up! Fight back!

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