UK Police Instructed to Record Criminals, Victims by Actual Sex

Victory for all who affirm men should be excluded from changing rooms, etc.

A new report in the UK confirms that the Home Office is asking police now to record criminals and victims with their birth sex, not their “gender identification.”

The guidance instructs police to identify the person’s “gender identity” if it is revealed to be different from a birth certificate.

The new result will give authorities a perspective on how many men are committing crimes while identifying as women -therefore skewing the statistics for crime by women.

The Independent reported the new guidance said a official for the Home Office said the plans are voluntary, but could become the standard based on Police feedback.

 “It is a victory for gender-critical feminist campaigners who believe that trans women should be excluded from women’s toilets, changing rooms, healthcare facilities, domestic violence shelters, and prisons.” The report exclaimed.

It also noted how advocates for the transgender agenda warned it could discourage transgender individuals from reporting crimes.

The plan first was confirmed in a Freedom of Information procedure request by Keep Prisons Single Sex, a campaign organization that says failing to record criminals’ birth sex allows “male crime [to be] hidden in female data.”

According to a statement from the Christian Institute, “Last year, at least 16 police forces shared data with the Home Office in which they recorded offenses on the basis of the offenders’ ‘gender identity’ instead of their actual sex.”

The Institute reported, “Plans to allow people to self-declare as someone of the opposite sex on the 2021 census were abandoned after the high court told the Office for National Statistics it must only allow people to enter their legal sex rather than being able to choose their ‘preferred option.'”

The Home Office said new procedures would follow the outline already in use for the census forms.

“This means for the first time we will know how many male offenders appear in the female crime stats.” Fair Play for Women, an advocacy organization for women, said.

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