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A new docket entry, “DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 9/28/2022.” has been added for Joy Garner, Individually and on Behalf of The Control Group, et al., Petitioners v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States.


Natural Solutions Foundation and our sister organization, the Institute for Health Research, are proud to have just filed an Amicus Curiae (‘Friend of the Court’) Brief with the Supreme Court of the United States.

The case in which we filed out brief, The Control Group Case, is one of the most important cases regarding the various “COVID ‘vaccine’” mandates to reach the Supreme Court.

If there is no longer anyone who has not been jabbed, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO COMPARE NORMAL-FUNCTIONING TO VAXXED-FUNCTIONING. Science absolutely requires a Control Group of unvaxxed people if the words “safe”, “effective”. “dangerous” and “unwarranted risk” have any meaning at all with regard to vaccination.

But let’s be frank: We are doing important things to help strike down mandates but this is expensive work. If you oppose the mandates as strongly as we do, then we need you to contribute generously – and regularly – here

Court fees, even friendly legal fees and legal research are not free. Freedom from the jabs is, to be sure, not free.

Here’s that link again:

Use it as if your life and liberty depended upon it. They do.

We know you are eager to read this powerful Amicus Brief. Here is the meat of the matter, so to speak:


The Institute for Health Research …. advocates for natural solutions to human health problems, as opposed to the use of vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and other unnatural interventions. The Institute seeks to help the public to prevent disease and strengthen immunity and health through providing information covering studies, protocols, and information on dietary supplements and other natural products.

Compelled vaccination through governmental force represents the exact scenario that the Institute for Health Research seeks to discourage and prevent, in the interest of the bodily integrity of all individuals.

Further, the existence of a “control group” of unvaccinated persons is a national treasure, and indispensable to demonstrating the efficacy of natural solutions, in contrast to vaccines, in preventing and mitigating disease.

Finally, as all people everywhere, the Institute has a keen interest in preventing the use of misbranded drugs which could cause genocide.

This amicus brief is submitted in support of the Petitioners Joy Garner, individually and on behalf of The Control Group et al.

Here is a full copy of the Amicus Brief:


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