Vaxx SCOTUS Case Sabotaged?

Vaxx SCOTUS Case Sabotaged? Apparently!

Health Freedom Lawyer Patricia Finn will shortly present a case to the US Supreme Court that could end Vaxx Mandates in the US (they are already in violation of US Law, but this case could nail that coffin shut – with a lot of syringes inside!)

BUT the plaintiff, the “Doe”” in Counsel Finn’s Doe v. Merck suite, doesn’t have the funds to support even the bare bones costs of the case. That’s why we set up a Fundly crowd funding site and started collecting money to help make this happen. And then “The Empire Struck Back” by deactivating the account and blocking all donations.

By the way, whatever we can raise will go to this case, plus all the time that Natural Solutions Foundation Counsel Ralph and I are giving to the case. 

Lots of health freedom-minded folks have tried to donate. Unsuccessfully. Fundly and its processing system, Stripe, have disabled our account. Why?

And a bigger part of “Why” is “Who?”

WHO gave the order to disable a perfectly legitimate, functional Fundly account ? To which genocidal globalist does Fundly belong? To which globalist Agenda 21 supporter does Stripe belong?

How many shares do shadow entities associated with Bill Gates, George Soros, Chase, Jeff Bezos, Monsanto and its owner, Bayer, Pfizer, Sanofi, Hoffman La Roche, the Queen of England, Mark Zuckerberg… and the others known or unknown own in these privatized censorship corporations?

I do not yet know the answer, but I do know that when the Natural Solutions Foundation provided, through the generous support and connections of a family from Sierra Leon, 200 bottles of my Nano Silver 10 PPM to the government there and the Minister of Information, Honorable Alpha Kanu, made a video standing in front of a completely empty Ebola treatment center. He stated that 500 people with laboratory test confirmed Ebola walked out disease free. Then these likely players stepped forward and attacked.

We told people about it and people wanted to buy our Nano Silver 10 PPM. But Chase Merchant Services “held back” all our sales for no discernible reason except to cripple the voices that do not like the syringes of the would-be Vaxx Masters.

And then, First Data, another embodiment of “The Man,” held back all the sales again, once we switched to them, for the same no-reason-given reason. The reason is real health, in the hands of real people, is a threat to the genocidal would-be Vaxx Masters.

Stripe is a credit card gateway company of exactly the same, er, stripe. Likewise, Fundly.

So, after sending out an email (which means expending some of our slender resources to communicate with our supporters), we found that no one could actually donate via Fundly.

Of course, we have created a work-around solution, and, of course, it is a bit awkward and less convenient (which is what The Man wants: make it less convenient and people won’t bother).

They really do not know us and this persistent, insistent, resistant community of Health Freedom Advocates, do they? Nope. Not at all.

The SCOTUS Vaxx Case needs $15,000 in the next two weeks.

That is a bit more than $1000/day ($1,071.29 per day, to be exact).

Is a shot at ending the threat of mandatory vaccination in the US worth that to you and to your children? How about being able to refuse an experimental gene-editing vaccine to which Melinda Gates says black people should have the “opportunity” to have priority access.

A vaccine that contains a quantum tattoo, your vaccine “passport” with unknown social and physical consequences? A vaccine brought to market so rapidly, but with total immunity by the manufacturers, that Dr. Judy Mikovitz asserts that the manufacturers know and expect that 50 million people in the US alone will be killed by the direct effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

If shooting that down isn’t worth a bit more than $1000/day from us and our colleagues, friends and circles of influence, there is literally nothing more to be done to preserve us and our health and freedoms.

If you believe that it is, as Counsels Patty and Ralph and I do, then you will give — hard, and spread the word — wide.

Here are the work-around solutions:

1. Use PayPal by sending funds to and indicate SCOTUS in the message box.

2.Mail a check or money order (dollars only, please) made out to Natural Solutions to Natural Solutions — 3769 E Calle Fernando, Tucson AZ 85716 — and indicate SCOTUS on the memo line.

Important Note: the above methods provide funds to support the SC

OTUS Vaxx Case that are not tax exempt. To make a tax exempt contibution ($100 and up), use one of the following methods:

3. Use PayPal by sending your most generous donation through the Institute for Health Research, our exempt NGO, using this link: [Yes. Research is misspelled] and indicate SCOTUS in the message box. Recurring contributions are very helpful.

4. Mail a check or money order (dollars only, please) made out to the Institute for Health Research¬† c/o Ralph Fucetola, President – 58 Plotts Road, Newton, NJ 07860 — and indicate SCOTUS on the memo line.

5. Contact Counsel Ralph, directly to make a direct bank transfer for amounts over $1000.

14 days. $15,000 dollars. Perhaps our best chance to end the horrifying intent of the Vaxx Masters — vaccine mandates for all here in the US is the SCOTUS Vaxx Case. The Vaxx Masters have all the money in the world to attack us. But we can do something about that. Right now!

Urgent share this Message via link:

Backgrounder here:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS: If we do not do this now for humanity in general and our selves, our children and grand children, what can we ever again say of ourselves as health advocates or free men and woman? Ever. REL

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