WA to Require Dangerous, Unnecessary Chickenpox Vax for High Schoolers.

Chicken Pox Vaccine Does Not Confer Immunity, But Does Create Serious Health Problems for the Vaccinated and Those They Infect Including Painful, Disabling Shingles
Chicken Pox Vaccine Does Not Confer Immunity, But Does Create Serious Health Problems for the Vaccinated and Those They Infect Including Painful, Disabling Shingles

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Although Washington State Department of Health has issued a new vaccination requirement for all High School students in both public and private high schools saying they must have two doses of chicken pox vaccines before the start of the new school year they have given no indication that they intend to take responsibility for the dangers, deaths and costs associated with their irrational policy.

Chicken pox vaccination is a failed policy driven by commercial, not health, interests.

Initially, Merck’s Varivax was said to provide single dose lifetime immunity as infection with the disease in childhood does and that there would be no adverse effects.  Thus, the added medical costs of the vaccination would be offset by the reduced social costs (such as lost work time) incurred when parents cared for sick children.

Actual experience shows that a single dose protected less than 60% of those vaccinated within a few years of vaccination and then even that protection waned.  However, the introduction of the virus into the body under adverse immune conditions led to an increase in shingles (“herpes zoster”) caused by the reactivation of the latent varicella virus at some point in the vaccinated person’s life with both increased mortality and huge cost.

The failed vaccine protection led to CDC calling for a scientifically totally unproven “booster” shot for children and the addition of a shingles vaccine for the elderly since they can be contaminated with the vaccine-introduced virus by contact with children or other who have received the chickenpox vaccine.  Children and others can also be infected with the virus, causing an epidemic of herpes in children who previously were very rarely victims of shingles.

Even for the doubly inoculated, any protection gained lasts less than 5 years while the  excess costs from the added shingles cases in the elderly now exceed US$ 700 million annually and, though once rare, shingles cases in children have become increasingly common.

As Dr. Paul G. King has stated, ” Scientifically, the Varivax(R) vaccine is a clear failure; it is a vaccine that does not provide long-term, much less lifetime, disease protection from chickenpox; it is a vaccination program that has clearly increased the harm to children and adults caused by the increases in shingles cases it has caused; and, when the serious adverse reactions and deaths attributable to the vaccine and the increased shingles treatments costs are considered, the annual additional costs for treatment of vaccine-induced shingles exceeds $1Billion US.” 1, 2

Is the Washington State Department of Health perpared to compensate families and individuals for their increased suffering and deaths because of an arbitrary vaccination policy which violates parental rights and scientific sense?

This, like other vaccine mandates must be stopped.  Tell regulators NO to Vaccine Mandates here: http://TinyURL.com/VaccinationISViolation and secure your Advance Vaccine Directive Vaccine Exemption here, http://TinyURL.com/AVDCard.  This assertion of your legally protected right of Informed Consent transcends local, State and national legislation, but ONLY if you assert it correctly.


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