Yes, It’s True: CDC Owns Vaccine Patents and Profits from the Jab

Yes, It’s True!
CDC Owns Vaccine Patents and Profits from the Jab

OffittPatent.banner CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Member Dr. Paul Offit

The good folks a GreenMedInfo* dug in and proved what many have suspected: the US Government, and specifically the Centers for Disease [sic] Control (CDC) own vaccine-related patents that provide steady profit from the vaccine industry.

“This past week, President-Elect Trump invited Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss Mr. Kennedy leading a vaccine safety commission.  The mainstream media coverage of the meeting was widespread and furious.

The vaccine industry and its media lap dogs do not want their corruption exposed in any official forum, and they have pointed their fury at Mr. Trump and Mr. Kennedy.

We have seen a great deal of media on Kennedy and his vaccine safety and corruption claims in the last week.  The nice thing about that is this – because he has been in the mercury fight for so long, and started investigating the claims of moms of vaccine injured children more than a decade ago, his coverage has returned  the spotlight to the corruption that was uncovered in the early days of the realization that the vaccine program was hurting our kids.”

One of these old pieces of information that has made its way back into the discussion because of Mr. Kennedy’s media attention is the claim that, “The CDC owns over 20 vaccines patents.”

How many vax patents does GreenMedInfo reveal as US Govt owned? “57 granted US patents with the CDC listed as an assignee…”

This is fine example of legal research that I think well-worth sharing. It is proof of the corrupting influences behind the push for mandated vaccines.

One added point that lawyers may know, but the general public may not.

Under case law the FDA, FTC and other enforcement agencies are obligated to deem the approved claims on a Patent legally “substantiated.” That means no independent testing of the patented vaccines or the patented procedures for making or delivering vaccines. This CDC near-monopoly benefits from the same rule that benefits the drug companies: once approved by the PTO the other agencies cannot question the “science” behind the patents.

Another good reason to Tell Trump to Stop Vaccine Mandates:

The GreenMedInfo article cited vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit in an earlier piece about the CDC’s vaccine approval committee, the ACIP, members conflicts of interest:

“I am a co-holder of a patent for a (rotavirus) vaccine. If this vaccine were to become a routinely recommended vaccine, I would make money off of that,” Offit said. “When I review safety data, am I biased? That answer is really easy: absolutely not.”

Well, that’s what we’re expected to believe. Do you?

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  1. Hello I’m a believer that the cdc is corrupt however how can I prove that they own pattens to vaccines? Where can I find this information

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