You Sell Legal Weed? No Mail For You. How the U.S. Government Continues To Harass Legal Weed Dealers


I Don’t Want To Go In There: U.S. Government Employee, Clinging To Outdated Dogma, Refuses Mail Service To Some Legal Weed Stores

If you were growing up 20 or even 10 years ago, and you were suddenly transported to Colorado, Alaska, the District of Columbia or Washington state today, you would be blown away by how far the legalization and normalization of marijuana has come.

Think about it: these are places in the union where hundreds of millions in tax revenue has been generated directly from marijuana sales, places where you can waltz in to a store and pick up some dank bud for a reasonable price with no fear of getting busted in the process.

The only thing you might recognize is the ridiculous names given to various strains of weed.

But despite this legal standing, there are still entities in the hierarchy of government and law enforcement that apparently just can’t stand the fact of the people governing themselves and deciding what laws to pass and what laws to strike down.

Famously, the Drug Enforcement Agency has fought tooth and nail against legal pot, both overtly and covertly. But that’s to be expected from an agency made up of old guard, dyed-in-the-wool former cops who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the hoary old Nancy Reagan lies about drug use.

Now a stranger tale is emerging regarding another government agency seeking to underhandedly undermine the success of pot shops, despite their legal status.

A cannabis shop owner in Bremerton, Washington named Kathy Hartwell has filed a complaint with her local post office due to the fact that she hasn’t been receiving her mail.

Upon examining security footage outside her place of business, Hartwell found that the postal worker who was supposed to be delivering her mail was bypassing her shop without stopping. Hartwell’s video even captured the postal worker handing a package to a customer who was leaving the shop, allegedly saying, “I don’t want to go in there.”

Sounds like a fairly straightforward case of a benighted postal worker needing to be reprimanded by his or her boss and set right, right?

Not so fast. Hartwell’s complaint was not only ignored, she was told that in the future she would have to go to the post office top pick up her mail, because it would no longer be delivered to her place of business.

Other nearby marijuana shops say they have received similar treatment. A manager at a neighboring shop called The Reef claims he also has to go to the post office to pick up his mail, and an adult store nearby claims it was required to pay for and put up an external mailbox because the postal carrier there refused to go inside.

Imagine this treatment of say, a church. Or a women’s clinic. Or a mental health facility or…any other home or business, really. This blatantly illegal and discriminatory behavior has no place in a modern America.

In fact maybe that hypothetical time traveler from the past of 20 years might recognize us after all.

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