A Dialogue Between Doctors


“It is beyond my PERSONAL FREEDOM”
You have the right to sicken yourself

Dr. Rima’s comments in bold typeface

On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 11:49 AM — Dr. VG wrote to Dr. Rima:

You apparently have not lost anyone to COVID or had a long termer in your family.

How would you know that? It is quite an assumption and, simply because I have not spoken about that, not necessarily a warranted one.

I am happy for you. I have.

On the other hand, I am personal friends with nurses who are fatigued beyond belief from the waves of COVID patients that come in.

People are coming in with a variety of conditions including things that were called other things. You know that and I know that. In addition, graphene oxide and immune dysfunction caused by the horrendously unsafe jabs are also being counted as COVID.  There is no clinically valid test for the as-yet uncharacterized virus, nor for any of the putative variants, so what are their diagnoses based upon? Ouija boards? chicken entrails or financially useful diagnostic categories to which the staff is instructed to adhere? 

And we have low numbers in my town compared to some areas.

That’s nice, but I have no idea what that means.  I would surmise that it probably means that you have relatively low numbers of people who have taken the jabs since the ones who have are far more likely to become seriously ill.

Are your “COVID” patients ones who, like most of the people being admitted in the UK and US, have other problems but are either presumed or [inaccurately] tested and found to have a [meaningless] “Positive” PCR test? 

The PCR diagnostic “test” has lost its EUA but can still be used until December 31, 2021.  Since it lost its EUA because it is worthless as a diagnostic test, what would a “Positive COVID test” actually mean? Absolutely less than nothing at all.

I have always been an anti-vaxxer. This is different.

This is different, indeed, because these are gene therapy shots, NOT vaccines.

Yes, I know about Ivermectin. I know about all the remedies. I have kept myself healthy in a busy practice because I take COVID seriously.

I have no idea what that means to you specifically, but good for you.  You support and protect your immune system so that it can support and protect you. 

So do my patients.

Again, that is great, although as a platitude it works better than as a statement of fact since I have no idea what taking a non-existent virus (that is, one with a recovery rater very close to 100% which has yet to be isolated and shown to fulfill Koch’s postulates) 

For their sake and my sake.

If it is a communicable disease, that is great.  If, on the other hand, it is a conglomeration of normal seasonal communicable and non-communicable diseases and the toxicity of injection components like Toxoplasma gondii and graphene oxidfe that makes absolutely no sense. Sorry about that.

It is not all a conspiracy.

Oh, but the evidence is compelling that it IS a conspiracy, one involving deadly jabs and relentless propaganda at the very least. 

It is a matter than ALL OF US have to practice conscious consideration for each other.

Right. And that means absolutely not submitting to a jab engineered to be contageious to those who have not submitted to it, as these COVID jabs have been. 

It is beyond my PERSONAL FREEDOM.

I agree completely.  You have the right to sicken yourself with anything you chose as long as you do not turn yourself into the modern day equivalent of a Typhoid Mary, a choiceful, willful, voluntary COVID Mary, endangering us all because of your personal, horribly ill-advised, unscientific personal illness choices.

I was taught to work for the GOOD of ALL.

Indeed. So was I and that is what, at the risk of everything, including my life, I am doing. Ceaselessly.

YEP, I have second degree connection to  very healthy 30 year olds (2)  getting CV and dead in 2 weeks. No masks, no vaccine needed. Dead.

And I have connections to people who used masks and took the non-vaccines, the patented gene therapies and died and are now ill in ways that they never imagined that they would be burdened to suffer. VAERS is full of our brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles and daughters and sons.  And, according to Dr. Rose’s testimony at the FDA;s hearing on “boosters” for these biological disasters they mis-label “vaccines”, AT LEAST 41 times more of them than are in the VAERS data base.

That level of conspiracy to commit disaster is replicated in every jabbed country in the world. It is only the conspirators and their henchmen/women who deny the reality of this cataclysmic disaster.

So consider yourself that we live in a dualistic world where most Americans feel entitled to do what they want to do. Arrogant.

I feel entitled to do what the Constitution of the United States, National Law and International Treaty Law entitle me to do.  If your definition of “Lawful” is arrogant, then so be it. Mine is free.

I see both sides of the coin, believe me.

So do I. And the other side is tarnished with the filth of intentional harm and massive deceit.  That side needs to be expunged. 

But I choose to work it without politicizing this as a government plot to take over our body parts.

OK, what else would you call it? We as a nation have signed on to Agenda 2030 which calls for massive depopulation, compression of the remaining small remnant into “Transit Villages” where food, housing, property, reproduction, education, travel and information are rigidly controlled (read my book on Agenda 21 to get the lay of the land if you have not already done so, or, just read Agendas 21 and 2021 

If people read your stuff and believe it and then get COVID and then get on a ventilator and then die…..part of that is on YOU.

If people read my stuff and decide to act prudently, then part of that is on me.

If they are killed by Remdesavir and lack of helpful treatments that you support and offer, then part of that is on you. 

Over and over again.

By the billions. 

I realize you will think I have drunk the cool aid….I have not.

I do not think that you have drunk the Kool Aid.  I know you have.  You are probably a good hearted, well intentioned person who has been swallowed up by what must be the most relentless propaganda assault this planet has ever seen. I am so sorry for you.

I know more about what is going on behind the scenes than you could imagine.

Why not share it? 

And I am tired of the rhetoric that ‘people in the know” are flag waving out there.

I am not flag waving.  I am alarm bell ringing.  I wish you were, too.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima 


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