Alberta Nixed Vax Mandate 3/15. Anybody See Predicted Measles Epidemic? Oops! Never Happened!

AMAZING! No Vaccine Mandates in Alberta, Canada, No Outbreaks, No Epidemics! Imagine That!
AMAZING! No Vaccine Mandates in Alberta, Canada, No Outbreaks, No Epidemics! Imagine That!

Alberta’s Health Minister’s 2015 Decision to Reject Vaccine Mandates Appears to Have Cost Provicen Perfectly Good Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, More Outbreaks, Reducing Childhood Asthma, Cancer, Autism, ADD. Big Pharma Not Happy.

Did you hear about the horrible measles epidemic killing  children in Alberta, Canada at exactly the same time more thousands of babies are dying of pertussis?

No? That’s because there was no epidemic.

On March 16, 2015, Alberta Health Minister Steven Mandel rejected a call for childhood mandatory vaccinations despite endorsing them.

One year later, exactly nothing happened in the epidemic, pandemic, outbreak category of social control and media frenzy.  As in nothing.

The Provincial Health Minister made it clear that although he supports vaccination (not a rational position since it is not supported by real science, only shill-science, but a very common one) he believes that parental choice should determine what vaccines are administered to children.

Despite the dire doom-saying of the vaccine mongers and merchants, there was no negative consequence to that decision.  Parents who feel that the path to health lies in injecting pus and poison into their children continued to do so and the autism and other serious problems that children have because of those decisions continued to rise.]

Unvaccinated children continued to enjoy better health, fewer cases of chronic degenerative diseases like autism, attention deficit disorder, asthma, diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, seizures and other maladies which follow vaccination according to US and other statistics, FDA, CDC, Health Canada and the World “Health” Organization.

Since vaccines actually spread the diseases they supposedly prevent, community health was actually protected by the decision of Health Minister Mandel despite the opposition of other politicians, media and the Pundit Class preserving not only pediatric health, but health freedom as well.

Congratulations, Minister Mandel.

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Alberta health minister rejects call for mandatory vaccinations

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