Amb. Murata Calls for Honorable Retreat from 2020 Olympics

As Fifth Anniversary of Fukushima Meltdowns Approaches


Anticipating the Fifth Anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and reactor core meltdowns at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, the global media begins to consider where the world is, a half decade after the disaster. For example, the World Financial Review, in discussing the financial problems of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has raised the issue of participant safety in light of the what author Robert Hunziker termed the “ongoing out-of-control nuclear disaster” in a copyright story on the World Financial Review web site.

The article describes Amb. Murata’s call for an ethical approach the matter.

“Mitsuhei Murata, former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, has publicly called for an “honorable retreat” from hosting the 2020 Olympics while there is still time to select and prepare an alternative site. Mr. Murata’s rationale brings to light several concerns, including the pretension that everything is A-Okay with Fukushima, as Japan prepares for and markets the 2020 Olympics to the world.”

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