Freedom Of Choice Public Meeting With Special Guest, Dr Rima Laibow Via Skype




This will be an amazing event so if you live around the north coast area, please get over to this event & for all those who are able to make the event from other places, please get along. Dr Rima Laibow will be joining other great guest speakers via Skype & a big crowd is expected. This event is yet another clear reflection of positive change happening all around Australia as our movement gathers momentum & people start to take a stand for their health freedoms. 

to the first offcial ‘FOC’ event, a national campaign that has powerfully arisen from the very successful and impromptu, ‘Mullumbimby Community Gardens Information Gathering’ in December 2015, covering our legal, health and human rights. We are a passionate, skilled and expert team working with you for this vital cause in this time on the planet.

We have put together a diverse, expert and relevant panel with local, national and international members to support all questions, offer information and community / legal options on the current, children’s, ‘No Jab, No Pay, No Play Legislation’, the up and coming, ‘Adult Immunisation Registrar’ and the new, ‘Bio Science’ bill, that has been passed.

We will be launching the Freedom of Choice website and the future mission of this campaign, we will also be calling into action, ‘Specialist Action Teams’ to work nationally as a united front for the future and well being of our children and planet. Teams will be created for areas of support in Research and Data , Communication and Media, Social Media, IT Support, Admin and Management, and more.

IMMEDIATE- we need help for this event , a social media support person for the facebook and event page, someone who knows and can take on mailchimp emails, bounces , new members to add m a front of house coordinator, we need at least 6-8 people to support with the entry and registration and then the ‘Specialist Action Group’ registration. We need media people to help with advertising, mail box drops and posters and a big need is a management / coordination / communication person or 2 people, between the FOC committee and community action groups.

Please email your ability / interest in being able to contribute at least 3-4 hours per week, with a temporary Manager Role needing to work as much as possible and alongside the committee for this one, email –

INFORMATION PRESENTATION, PANEL and FOC LAUNCH 12-3, ACTION TEAM registration 3-4, Please arrive at 11 for registration to allow for a 12 sharp start and to help with set-up. In Respect of Freedom for All, The FOC Team.

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