Another Country Spoken For: Denmark Documentary Makers Come Out With Powerful Anti-HPV Vaccine Film

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Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark: Danish Filmmakers Create Powerful Doc on HPV Vaxx Damage

How much evidence does it take to convince a true non-believer that it might be time to start believing?

Of course, the answer depends on what you’re talking about; people develo ppowerful mental calluses and blind spots that won’t allow them to bend one iota for fear of losing the identity they have carved out for themselves, as it is oftentimes based on belief systems.

But when it comes to science, there is only so much denying you can do before you start to sound, well, crazy.


That’s the point that Danish documentary seems to be trying to make. The powerful new film titled The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed was recently released, and focusing as it does on a trio of girls who became sick after being injected with the HPV vaccine, it practically dares the viewer not to sympathize.

The girls developed symptoms like dizziness, a tendency to pass out unexpectedly, and severe headaches, as well as abdominal pain and nausea.

If this cluster of symptoms sounds familiar, you may have been paying attention: a group of over a thousand girls in Japan reported similar symptoms, resulting in that nation withdrawing its recommendation that children and teens be injected with Gardasil or Cervarix, the brand names for the HPV vaccine.

Those symptoms might also ring a bell because you read about a similar group of girls in Colombia, also experiencing similar effects following their HPV vaccine injections. Those girls and their families, in the face of government stonewalling, managed to shut down a number of schools for days to draw attention to their plight and force the government to act on helping the girl with medical care, as well as mandating a thorough review of all the research on the HPV vaccines.

Back to Denmark: the filmmakers’ powerful, passionate work has prompted the Danish government to respond.

“When we see a pattern in…some reports, there is a basis for making some more explanations, and delv[ing] into this stuff,” said the Danish director of health Henrik G. Jenson.

The Health and Medicines Authority has designated a location in all of the country’s healthcare regions where people who suspect they have had negative reactions to the HPV vaccine can be examined.

And while that response may be cold comfort to the girls who have already been injured by this dangerous toxin, at least it is demonstrative of a government recognizing evidence, and responding to it in some proactive way. While the evidence gathered at the examination centers may not do the infected girls any good, they may be able to help future potential victims avoid the same fate.

They can thank the creators of The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed.

Crazy; a government that responds to evidence that a corporation is hurting its most vulnerable citizens by trying to do something about it.

Maybe there’s something to this whole Scandinavian model after all.

Send an email to the campaigns of each of the four major presidential candidates demanding that they support our inalienable right to Informed Consent, even for vaccines. Do that here:

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