Attack of the Maskers


Recently, I was set upon by a mob of bleating sheep.  Masked sheep.

What took place on a recent shopping trip to Whole Foods was nothing short of shocking and, unless we act quickly, just a glimpse of a grim future if we don’t start asking questions reading the data and making our own choices. Luckily I have thick skin from all the years of going against the grain and questioning the status quo.

A simple weekly shopping trip quickly turned into being swarmed by a bunch of angry masked shoppers, filming us, attempting to shameus, and, since we did not agree with their choice to cover the lower half of their faces, calling us “fascists”. We were, as is our right, and our own personal choice, unmasked.

We are freedom advocates.  They are Fauchists!*

How did we get here? How does making a personal choice about whether to cover one’s face (a micro burka?) equate, in the minds of masked sheep, to fascism?

How did we get to this point where choosing to breath fresh air is now cause for bullying and irrational behavior by an irrationally irate, and shockingly ill-informed, mob?

Sadly, this is not a unique incident. All over the country people who are not wearing masks are met with hostility, bullied, called selfish, and unconstitutionally arrested.

My fiancé and I choose to breath fresh air; we choose not to have a useless piece of cloth covering our faces because we have what many lack these days: common sense.


Masks do not work and they provide health hazards of several different types for healthy people along with some extra ones, which can be very serious for those with respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological problems.

Check out the References section below for medical reality, which is that masks can decrease the amount of oxygen available, are a hazard for people with a wide variety of medical conditions, do little or nothing to stop or slow the spread of the virus and reduce immune functioning at a time when what we need most is a healthy immune system.

But they are simply wonderful for mind control and training us for mindless obedience in the absence of logic and science..

Follow the money, not the political theater and what you will see – clearly – is that everyone calling for these mindless, draconian masking protocols has their pockets filled by corporate interests that are doing their richly profitable banking because of the ignorance and compliance of = Americans, and most other peoples in the world.

Right now, though, we Americans take the cake for sheepish, mindless, irrational obedience. We are brutishly mobbing people who do not share our delusions and putting masks on ourselves while we breathlessly (!) await an experimental gene editing vaccine to forever transform us from humans to…. What? The New Normals?

What could possibly go wrong? And, masked and obedient as we are, would we notice that it had?

Silence is compliance.  What are mask wearers complying with? Their mind controlled status makes mask wearers a danger to our society.  They endanger our medical freedom and trample our constitutional rights.

Today it’s the face mask, tomorrow it’s the vaccine “immunity passport” (already rolling out in Europe based on documents from third quarter, 2019, long before the COVID “menace” surfaced and RFID chips. I’m curious when the FAUCISTS will say enough is enough? Our lives may depend on it.


* – Fauchism Defined

Fauchism: fauch´ism Pronunciation: fauch´iz’m

n. 1. A medical/political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government; allegedly advocating health promotion at its core – opposed to personal liberty, democracy and liberalism.

2. An authoritarian system of government control under absolute control of a single medical or medical/political dictator, allowing no factual, scientific, theoretical medical or political opposition, forcibly suppressing dissent and rigidly controlling most medical/industrial and
economic activities. Such regimes usually try to achieve popularity by a strongly authoritarian, medical supremacy and/or nationalistic appeal, often mixed with racism and xenophobia.

3. Specifically, the Fauchist movement led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA/CDC/NIH, Bill Gates/WHO/Gavi similar to the Fascist movement initiated by Benito Mussolini in Italy from 1922 to 1943.

4. Broadly, a tendency toward or support of a strongly medically/authoritarian or dictatorial control of persons, government , communication outlets or other entities and organizations; – often used pejoratively in this sense.


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