Bayer AG Knowingly Sold HIV Contaminated Products In EU with FDA Approval Despite US Ban

After HIV Tainted Hemophilia Med gave US Children HIV, FDA Gave Bayer Permission to Sell It Abroad - Killing Children Around the World
After HIV Tainted Hemophilia Med gave US Children HIV, FDA Gave Bayer Permission to Sell It Abroad – Killing Children Around the World

Bayer AG knowingly sold products contaminated with HIV

Note: If this story doesn’t lay out in plain view the stark depravity of the corporate medicine cartel, then nothing will.

It is almost too horrible to comprehend: a venerable medicine company, entrusted with providing people with the products that keep us alive and healthy, has deliberately sold medicine that was actively infecting their customers with HIV. Worse yet, many of those infected were children.

But that’s just what happened in the 1980s when Bayer AG learned that their hemophilia medicine, known as Factor VIII Concentrate, had been infected with HIV, infecting numerous children. When an outbreak of HIV among hemophiliac children which was subsequently traced back to Bayer there was no longer any question about it.

Upon news of their complicity in giving children a life sentence of horribly toxic medications, restricted diets, limited activities and a painful death, Bayer was of course forbidden from selling their tainted Factor VIII concentrate. Forbidden, that is, in the US.

Far from behaving with decently, Bayer instead sought the FDA’s permission to sell this HIV infected medicine overseas. And got it!

Again, it’s hard to overstate this: Bayer knowingly sold HIV-infected medicine destined to go into children’s bodies–they just happened to be Latin American or Asian children. Bayer’s Cutter Biological continued to sell their old stock of the tainted medicine for over a year after it introduced a version in February 1984 that was heat-treated to kill HIV according to the New York Times.

In a statement, the company said, “Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place. They cannot be judged on the information available today.”

Meaning it was okay, because after they strong-armed the FDA into approving the sale, it was within the boundaries of the regulations.

It is difficult to imagine the rationale they used to justify such a monstrous act.

Oh wait, no it isn’t. The tainted drugs in question consisted of upwards of 100,000 doses of the foul stuff, amounting to over $4 million. One can well imagine the corporate-speak Bayer reps must have used to convince the FDA. They surely considered it “stranded costs,” and sought any and all means to recover their investment.

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