Majority of Americans Ready for Major Third Party


For a half century or so the Gallop Poll has tracked American’s support for the so-called “Two Party System.” Since the “crossover point” in 2006 when more Americans polled by the Gallop Organization supported the existence of a major third party than opposed the idea, the majority has never shifted back,  although previously Gallop polls on the question had not shown such majority approval.

The pro-third party trend has continued. In September 2015, Gallop noted, “Arguably, the U.S. political climate has been ripe for the emergence of a major third party for some time, but that hasn’t yet happened.” [1]

Political commentator, Ralph Fucetola JD asked, in a recent blog entry entitled: “American Want a Third Major Party” [2], “Why?” has there been no major third party allowed into the presidential polls and debates over the past quarter century?

He continued, ” I do not know if Mr. Trump will succeed in his hostile take-over of the (G)OP, against the wishes of its management…  The corruption of the “two party” political oligarchy has become so clear: the inability of the DC elite to deal with the Federal Debt and resulting collapse of the Dollar; the tragic failure to learn the lesson of endless foreign intervention (the lesson the that Founders’ policy of non-intervention is the only foreign policy consistent with a free republic) together are dooming the elite. ”

Mr. Fucetola concluded, ”

The 2016 election may be the last best chance for the people of America to take back their government — to restore the republic. Going forward, as more and more people come to depend on a failing government, the chance for change toward liberty becomes more remote; the inevitability of violent conflict unavoidable. Unless the two party duopoly is broken, America cannot be fixed.”




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