Video Compilations of World Wide Demonstrations

Unmasked, Unjabbed and Unafraid!
What Started as World Wide Demonstrations
Every Other Month are Now Weekly,
Saturdays, World Wide

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September 2021:

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13 thoughts on “Video Compilations of World Wide Demonstrations

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s so good to see that many people are awake. I saw very little masking. And, I see that there are many more of the people who are awake than the criminal dictators. That footage meant a lot to me. Thanks again.

      MOREOVER = the world needs a Christ centered Revival even larger then this for as goes the heart of mankind so goes the heart of the world….squelching the Dark tyranny of the the Evil Globalist Luciferians who hate us all…!!!

      To free the Chinese and NorCom peoples from their unconscionable oppression along with freeing all Communist oppressed peoples and under tyrants worldwide to the dictator Imam and Mullah Islamo tyrants = “let My people go”… embrace Christ and His Word – Come soon quickly Lord Jesus to bind the Evil one who hates all mankind made in Gods image – who only came ~
      “to rob, kill and destroy”…!

  2. Hi there. Please could you post this demo compilation video to your bitchute or rumble channel so it can be shared more accessibly on social media?? It’s very encouraging & powerful & needs to be seen by more people.
    Thank you!


      Even if it were (UNWOKE) and worldwide numbers were tenfold a stage four cancer doesn’t dissipate by shouting, waving flags and signs at it.

  3. Most of the people on the comments secti’m an exception don’t have a full view or understanding of the satanic nature Of current events immediately go to ispoo targeted and Is freedom for targeted individuals with LF free to Find your fellow citizens all over the world being tortured with Is direct energy weapons of all kinds then go to stop the with Deborah Tavares bertavares then go to Doctor Barry trower Go to the everyday concerned As a correction with this lousy voice to text Go to Then go to freedom for targeted individuals With Ella free Go to doctor Jane ruby go to Go to SKIZITG EST URE When the lid comes off this life will never be the same

  4. The UK lifted mandates . No masks required. A man walks into a fairly large waiting room for his turn to get new glasses. He’s not wearing a mask Six or seven others in the waiting room all wearing masks !
    That’s the problem we are faced with, ignorance from brainwashing mind controlled indoctrination from womb to tomb. Even with the scamdemic over and no need to wear a mask people choose to.

    Too many won’t believe what’s truly going on until it’s announced on their mockingbird media te-lie-vision programming channels. Where’s the critical thinking ?
    And not much hope of that ever happening the way things remain.

    And how does one try to awaken them with so much control and censorship of information ?
    Would they even read and or consider alternative news if it were delivered free in their mail boxes ?
    Some will never wake up.
    But perhaps if more than talking about mandates and health, more information is put out there about these satanists and all their past and present doings more will realize the seriousness of the time we are in
    and that while the opportunity might still exist it is fast fading.

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