BLM’s Dangerous Grip on Mainstream Media Fully Exposed

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) had a huge surge in popularity in the summer of 2020. After the death of ex-convict and fentanyl addict George Floyd, at the hands of the Minneapolis police, BLM stepped in and claimed to be standing for black Americans.

They spoke out against police brutality, racism, and America, claiming it is a nation of racist murderers and out of control police state fascists.

As an explicitly Marxist organization that wants to dismantle the traditional family, gender, and capitalism, BLM’s claim to represent black people is offensively false.

Though that didn’t stop millions of mostly white Americans from worshipping the organization and flooding their corrupt race-baiting leaders with money.

BLM’s narrative was also simply not true. Police are not killing unarmed black people at some high rate that indicates racism.

Most of the media didn’t care. The clicks were just too satisfying, and the confirmation of their neo-Marxist beliefs too easy.

Yet, one data scientist with Reuters was actually interested in finding out the truth about BLM and police violence against black people. This desire to find out the real truth is where his problems began…

Meet Zac Kriegman

Zac Kriegman previously worked for Reuters, which is one of the biggest and richest news agencies in the world. They also run a large fact-checking service which is supposed to tell people for certain what is true or not.

Kriegman was employed by Reuters as a data scientist, which means he crunched numbers and statistics to get people the facts. His entire job was to be critical and to look into the facts, instead of just accepting narratives.

For this reason, that’s what Kriegman did with BLM. He did a deep dive into their claims and found out they were almost all untrue, deeply misleading, or flawed.

Kriegman shared this on Reuters’ internal discussion boards in the form of an essay explaining what he’d found.

Most employees were using the company discussion board at the time to talk about how bad “white women” were and how being white was evil. Kriegman wanted to bring it to a more fact-based angle.

According to an interview he shared with journalist Bari Weiss, Kriegman just wanted to discuss whether it was factually true that police are more likely to shoot a black person than a white person.

He found it was simply untrue. He explained his findings in detail on the company discussion board.

What Did Kriegman Find?

Kriegman’s extensive research led to a fairly straightforward conclusion. Yes, there are more white people in America than black people.

Though the amount of situations involving armed standoffs and violent crime involving black people and police is much higher proportionally than for white people.

The corresponding higher amount of shootings by police thus shows no relation to being related to bias against skin color, but instead shows a relation to a reaction to criminal and violent incidents.

This is also known as basic logic, something that BLM demanded people forget about in order to join their racist cult.

The Bottom Line

Kriegman was fired for disagreeing with BLM. He cared about facts more than feelings and for his trouble, he lost his job. This is the reality of the liberal media in America today.


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