Global Hunger Crisis On The Horizon…

As US, Britain, Australia, Others Deliberately Demolish Their Own Food Production

The United States and many other countries are deliberately shutting down food production, increasing the possibility of a global hunger crisis.

In the United Kingdom, businesses and government ministers are using the inflation crisis and rocketing fuel, energy and fertilizer costs to justify the coming decrease in food production. (Related: Globalists have been planning to starve the world with food scarcity since at least 2015.)

“Gas prices being so sky high, it’s a worrying time,” said Tony Montalbano, who grows cucumbers in a 30,000 square meter glasshouse in southeastern England. This glasshouse supplies supermarkets with cucumber, and every square meter of it is empty. He and many other cucumber farmers who rely on glasshouses to grow cucumbers are unable to operate them due to soaring energy costs.

Elsewhere in the country, other farmers have also failed to plant peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and other crops due to soaring fuel and fertilizer prices.

“All the years of us working hard to get where we are, and then one year it could just all finish,” said Montalbano.

Last year, Montalbano noted that he paid between 0.40 to 0.50 pounds ($0.49 to $0.61) per therm (British thermal units) of natural gas. This year, he was paying 2.25 pounds ($2.75) a therm after briefly hitting a record eight pounds ($9.76) a therm in late February.

Jack Ward, head of the British Growers Association, warned that operating costs have increased to the point that farmers in Britain are unable to do anything about them. What this means, he warns, is that the industry will experience a massive contraction, as many farmers will be unable to keep their operations going without enough profits. This severely threatens Britain’s food security, and is a situation that is occurring all over the globe.

Outbreak of diseases being used as excuse to cull pigs, fish, other meat sources

While countries are using increases in operating costs as excuses for future food insecurity issues, others are claiming diseases are spreading among their animal populations.

In Australia, experts are claiming that an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis has occurred in dozens of pig farms in the state of New South Wales. At least 30 piggeries have already been affected.

Chief Veterinary Officer Sarah Britton said this outbreak has had huge impacts on pork production, and some sites have even experienced production drops of between 60 to 80 percent.

In the U.S. the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has declared a bacterial outbreak in at least two hatcheries. Both of these facilities – Black Rock Hatchery and Fish Springs Hatchery – experienced similar bacterial outbreaks in 2020, leading to the culling of approximately 3.2 million fish.

While the CDFW claimed that it is working with both hatcheries to prevent a similar massive euthanasia of fish stocks to occur, hundreds of thousands of fish are still expected to be culled. In Black Rock hatchery alone, some 120,000 trout may be eliminated after the raceways that hold them test positive for the bacteria. At Fish Springs Hatchery, some 550,000 trout have been affected and will similarly be culled to stop the spread of the so-called disease.

Perhaps more devastating to the American food supply is the so-called bird flu currently wreaking havoc on American poultry. One egg factory in Iowa alone slaughtered over 5.3 million chickens. Similar cullings have occurred on chicken and turkey farms in 28 other states, leading to more than 22 million birds killed in failed attempts to contain the outbreak.

Watch this video about the deliberate shutdown in food production happening all over the globe.

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