BUSTED! C19 Jab Trains Body to Destroy Itself

BUSTED! C19 Jab Trains Body to Destroy Itself

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Tinkering with genetics and the immune system is a great idea, IF you know everything about both of those, or if you want bad outcomes.

And that’s precisely where I believe we are now with the gastly gene jabs offered for COVID-19 “dangers”

There are serious dangers associated with COVID-19 but they are all in the needles that introduce the various jabs into your body.

At the bottom of this article [1] is a link to a scientific study that says, very simply:

The Spike Protein from the SARS COV2 virus penetrates cells and that and at least two of the antibodies that your body produces in response to that protein cause disease, damage and death in pregnant women, fetuses, non pregnant people and women who have recently given birth.

And those are just the short term effects.

The long term ones are aiuto-immune disorders and cataclysmic illness leading to death.

And let me remind you that people who have taken either the mRNAor the DNA Jabs are now Spike Protein factories, producing an unlimited amount of this unnatural bioweapon protein agglomeration for at least the life of the jabbed person.

Your body, once jabbed or contaminated, may very well continue to produce that protein and the antibodies to it until you die.

We know that the alleged ‘diagnosis’ of this ‘disease’ is worthless. We know that the alleged agent, SARS CVOV-2, has never been identified by any lab which publishes its result or by either CDC or FDA.

We know that the alleged ‘surge’ we are seeing is directly proportional to the number of people who have accepted the gene therapies misnamed as “Vaccines”,

Years ago, I read a New York Times article glowingly singing the praises of a new class of so-called “vaccines” which would work by directly impacting either the DNA of the cells ot their mRNA.

At the time, my response, in writing, was that it was horrifyingly bad idea since both genetics and immunology are baby step sciences toddling along with preimiteve and very partial information.

That suggested to me that tinkering directly with the immune and genetic components of humanity was an act of such profound hubris that disaster was the only possible result.

At the time, although I was right about the implications of the technology, I was far, far too naïve in my assessment. I assumed, mistakenly, as it turns out, that the purpose of these novel, next generation “vaccines” would be to actually prevent, mitigage, cure or diagnose, perhaps even treat, illnesses and diseases.

I must admit that while it was abundantly clear to me that genocide was planned for the bulk of the human race, I did not connect those dots. I did not foresee that these wildly dangerous and literally dehumanizing shots would be the kill shot that the genocidalists have been looking for, for decades or longer.

So please forgive my naïvete, conditioned as we all were by the cultural delusion that most doctors and most researchers, most program administrators and most politicians are actually decent people who would not subscribe to such a consummate evil.

It would appear that I was wrong on that score, too, since it is beyond my imagination to conjure up a scenario in which the captains of industry, the leaders of finance, the medical power people and the military geniuses around the world would not see what such a vaccination program would do. Seeing it, I incorrectly thought, they would stop it.

Well, to be fair, the Presidents of Tanzania, Haiti and a few other places did just that, until they were assassinated, that is.

And the rest of those in places of power have either joyfully plunged ahead with this planned destruction or done so, perhaps, reluctantly. Were their families promised the ‘placebo’?

Either way, they have participated, to their utter shame and, if you are a believer, to their eternal damnation, in a mass murder so vile and so total that the world has truly never seen anything like it.

Let me reiterate: I simply did not imagine that the deadly nature of these jabs would become not a problem for research to overcome, but their greatest ‘asset’ to the globalist genocidalists.

Tragically, that is what has happened.

One more thing: in the article referenced below, the authors several times reference both the Covid-19 virus and the SARS COV2 virus. I do not understand the shorthand or why they have chosen to do that, but I anticipate that like all the rest of the deception, the truth will fall out into the open and public space between lies by the would-be killers.

Stay safe. Stay unjabbed and stay away from people who are jabbed to the greatest extent that you can. Consider the jabbed as though they were the diseased.  Fortify your natural immune system. Speak out.  Tyranny kills. Your outrage can stop it.

Where will you be on September 18th for the 4th World Wide Demonstration?  We will all be there.

September 18th World Wide Rally 4.0

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

[1] Pathogenic antibodies induced by spike proteins of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV viruses

22 thoughts on “BUSTED! C19 Jab Trains Body to Destroy Itself

  1. When the vaxxed people start dying en mass come this years flu season the CDC and NIH will blame the variants of the covid II as the culprit. This deception will initiate the mandates and round ups of unvaxinated humans. The un-vaccinated will be blamed for current and future spread and deaths. The hysteria and fear will feed the agenda to vaccinate even more hesitants’ fueling the exponential extermination protocol put forth by the demonic rulers.

    1. Lots of speculation there, Mark. Dr Rima’s assertion that, once jabbed, your cells continue producing spike proteins “until you die” is utterly and completely false according to my research on the vaccine’s mechanism of action. The vaccine has a limited supply of rna with which to create the “spikes”. Once the supply is exhausted, the existing contaminated cells and the corresponding spike proteins are destroyed (metabolized).
      The only possible problem could be with the antibodies our immune systems continue to produce after the fact. However, given the utter fallacy of Dr, Rima’s assertion regarding lifetime spike protein production, I would steer your research in a direction devoid of her guidance.

      1. You most likely haven’t listened to the compendium of scientists, 8 to 10, including the inventor of mRNA jabs, Robert Malone, discuss the fact that the vaccinated are absolutely shedding something, they just do not know what as of yet. They all agree the “jab” program should be stopped. Well then, you are what kind of expert that is greater than Luc Montangier, (please forgive my mis-spelling of his name) the Nobel Prize virologist considered the premier virologist in the world? hardy har har… you are not anyone to listen to. He believes like Dr. Zelenko… crimes against humanity… here…now… particular jabs have lethal components. ITS CALL THE GREAT POISONING… the CULLING. Just listen.

      2. That’s exactly what I’ve wondered – if the cells once programmed to make the spike proteins die and are replaced with new cells, if those cells would have the same alterations. I think without modifying the DNA itself that would not be the case

      3. Wrong Paul! Your research may not have told you, but the mRNA in the vaccines can alter DNA (it’s not “read only”). Thus, you are susceptible for a DNA modification that continues the replication of spike proteins for the duration of your life.

  2. My wife & I have not been jabbed nor do we intend to be. Our daughter has been, due to work requirements, and she wants to visit us over the holidays. My wife’s brother & wife have also been jabbed and want us at their place for Christmas. What should we do, not be around anyone in our family who has been jabbed? Is there anything we can suggest that our daughter take to counteract?

    1. This whole fear the vaxxed stuff just makes us look nuts. Out of unprotected sex and other possible blood connections, theres little to no risk, because all they are expelling are neutralized spike proteins.

      Don’t worry about the shedding…. take vitamin D 5000 iu a day and vit C 1-3g a day. See your daughter….

    2. If you visit Mike Adams website at Natural News you can find information on what those who’ve taken the shot can do. Simple things like drinking fennel tea, among other things, can supposedly help. I agree with the other commenters, do all you can to keep your immune systems strong, and don’t avoid your own family or “they’ve” won already. God bless!

    3. I’ve seen graphene oxide in the blood of those who did not take the vaccine but were shed on. Watching videos of blood slides will open your eyes to the horror it does to your red blood cells and immune system! I would fault no one for avoiding getting shed on. However, unvaxxed can detox (unlike the vaxxed). The specifics of detoxing will be covered in the future but l suspect NAC, glutathione, vitamin C & D are involved. Supposedly, glutathione can deteriorate the cell walls of graphene oxide and NAC is a precursor to it and working out helps release it in the body.

  3. Had the jab, am still here, have this to say: The general health advice given out is garbage. What are the cornerstones of good health, and why doesn’t the CDC have them on their home page? Diet, rest, exercise and solid sleep. None of the quankers on the internet seem to remember them either. Sad. Medicine is not magic and if you’re fat and sedentary and generally sickly no shot will fix all that. and you’ll probably end up dying of pneumonia or something or leg thrombosis.

    Why don’t these people thrpw down some quality web links about diet and exercise at least

  4. We are living in an information and fear blizzard. Bottom line: get as much info as u can from all sources on all related topics. Keep in mind the conflict of interest factor. Keep digging until u find nothing new. Resist the urge to come to a conclusion. Your done when your own intuition tells u what’s right for u, but u must do that homework. Your on your own.

  5. I was a Covid denier and will not take this experimental killer shot.
    7 weeks ago My wife & I contacted Covid.
    Once in Hospital I refused ventilator, received steroids and remdesivir (Veklury). I asked for Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin but was told by doctors that they are 3rd world medicines and were not offered here in Pennsylvania.
    I then contracted Covid Pneumonia which is different from regular pneumonia, they call it a ground glass effect on your lungs. I saw my CT Scans with a white substance throughout my lungs. My wife didn’t get the pneumonia and was finally released from hospital after 4 weeks.
    I was a full 5 weeks in bed, lost 30 lbs. very weak, were both on home oxygen, need a walker, turned us into temporary old people because we will get better and our strength back over time. Be forewarned, This Bio-Weapon is real!
    Fauci needs to pay for creating this. We are at war with China.

    1. It’s never been properly isolated and therefore no proof that it exists. The RT-PCR so called Test is a Scam to fool the masses. You and your wife just had a bad case of the Flu to detox all the poisons accumulated in your bodies. Don’t believe the psycho liars, they are out to kill us all with their Bioweapon Fake Vaxx.

    2. so now is the time to take I ber mec tiin and make your own hydrox chl or o quine . plus the nutritional supps and eat red meat 2x a day and potatoes with butter to gain weight and regain strength. also very light rebounding and 15 minutes of sunshine at least a day, no sunscreens.

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