September 18th World Wide Rally 4.0

We Will All Be There!

The first World Wide Rally in March included 50 countries and 90 cities.  The second in May had a hundred countries and 190 cities. The third in July had more countries and more cities; nearly the whole world.  World Wide Rally 4.0 will be bigger yet.

To participate join and use the links below.  Each country, state (province) and city has its own Telegram chat for the World Wide Rally where you can find out where the rally will be in your locat


New Jersey:

🇺🇸 USA:


Further information about the World Wide Rallies:

WWR 3.0:

WWR 2.0:

WWR 1.0:

Official Website:

Share your WWD videos and pictures here:

Together We Are Powerful


10 thoughts on “September 18th World Wide Rally 4.0

  1. I have been trying to get information on the World Wide Rally & am giving up because there is nowhere to request local information.
    I am located in Minneapolis MN and have others interested, but can’t relay information to them since I can’t find any.

  2. I am located in Minneapolis MN and have others interested in the Sept 18th World Wide Rally but can’t find any way to request information on local participation.

  3. Yes, I agree with previous comments. is this online or a real live protest? Kind of defeats the purpose of the rally if we can’t rally!

  4. Here in California, the indoor masking mandates are back in force! Its very easy to don your mask as you walk into your supermarket or other large store [just to gain admittance], then drop it down to chin level as you shop. I do this all the time, and frankly, its nobody else’s business. If a zealous worker says anything, I respond in an insincere tone, “oh, it must have dropped down”. Small gestures like this made by thousands of people will erode the “authority” of the lockdown dictatorship. You can have fun with these morons! Just wanted to share my little tactic with all of you. Stay Strong!

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