Cooking the Books: COVID Death Definition Makes No Sense

Cooking the Books: COVID Deaths

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, November 10, 2020

Let’s play a little COVID game.  It’s a quick thought experiment that requires only a moment of your time and no special knowledge.  But I think you will find the results illumination. I know I do.

First, let’s assume that any one of the COVID-19 tests out there, PCR, antibody, quick response test or other is totally accurate and that all positive results are actually indicators that there is a disease caused by a particular organism, that we know what that organism is and that the test can identify it accurately.*

I know, I know.  I can hear your objections because you know that CDC has admitted that it has never fulfilled Koch’s Postulates by isolating the Corona Virus from a sick person (or animal), introducing it into a healthy person (or animal), causing the disease and then isolating the organism again. Furthermore, the Charles Koch Institute published a paper saying that the Corona Virus isolated was the same as a 2003 corona virus**

Without that, you say, there is no way to know that there was a virus causing the disease or that it was transmitted to someone else to cause the same disease. And you are right.

But pretend you are a paid-for-hire public health expert, a pundit or, worse yet, a politician and you say that it is so, making it a COVID-19 a cause of disease and a source of disease transmission.  Work with me.  Just pretend that it is true, just like they do.

OK, so now we are pretending that there is a well-characterized organism which can be effectively and accurately detected by laboratory tests.

Bear with me. We both know it’s not true. Just pretend.

Next, let’s pretend that there is no difference between the prepositions “with” and “from” so that if someone, anyone, has a “positive” COVID-19 test, they “have” COVID-19 because they tested positive.  That person can now be identified as a “case”.

The more false positives the tests give, of course, the more serious the “case load” is and the more deaths we have from COVID.  Never mind that there is no logic to support that, but let’s take another step in thus make-believe world of public make-believe ‘health’.

If someone has some cause of death and has tested positive for COVID-19, or can be assumed to be someone who WOULD HAVE tested positive for COVID-19 [I am not kidding you here!] they are said to have died FROM COVID-19 and yet another grim statistic is added to the already grim statistics of deaths FROM COVID-19.

Back when computers were first bursting on the scene and lots of people, including me, learned to do their own coding in languages like FORTRAN and BASIC, it was very easy to write a long program and get a worthless result. So the catch phrase for that situation became “garbage in, garbage out”, soon shortened to GIGO.

Well, once you watch the video above in which Illinois identifies its COVID death definition, and you add to that the fact that the tests are worse than worthless, as we have documented in these pages, and the fact that even CDC had to admit that there were less than 10,000 actual deaths from COVID during this entire time of lockdown and pandemic here in the US***, we are forced to come to the conclusion that a criminal GIGO situation has been perpetrated upon us.

Masks are being used not to control viral transmission – and we’ve written extensively about that as well – but to train us for isolation, silence an submission.  Learn about mask (and vaccine) exemptions here:

What comes next? The Gene-editing vaccine laced with nano tracker technology (and worse). Because the worse the numbers of the absurd make-believe pandemic seem, the more eager people will be to roll up their sleeves and that of their children to allow themselves and loved ones to be pumped full of … who knows what? which will do … who knows what?

“Wear a mask.  Do not ask. Do not think. Do not reason. And, above all, do not question.”

Or, you can do all of those vital activities early and often and save both your sanity and your health.

Or evaluate the thought experiment that we just performed and realize that we are living in a constructed, and deadly hoax, not a real pandemic.

And realize, too, that the real danger is the coming crop of vaxx — far, far more dangerous than COVID-19.

I know of no way to remove or ameliorate the effects of a gene editing vaccine once injected. Nor do I know of any way to remove nano technology from the body.

Like poison gas, the best treatment for the dangers of this coming vaxx is avoidance.


*PCR tests replicate the sample many times past detectible limits when CDC guidelines are followed, making the PCR test meaningless. Antibody tests have never been evaluated for accuracy and precision and were approved on the manufacturers’ assurances that they were accurate. C says they are wrong half of the time.


*** CDC admitted that less than 6% of all deaths (about 9,200) attributed to COVID-19 were actually due to the virus.

One thought on “Cooking the Books: COVID Death Definition Makes No Sense

  1. Question to ask ourselves:

    We the non science literate, “regular Joe/Jill public” have learned so much-thanks to Dr. Laibow and countless others-around the globe- since this all started in Feb-March.

    From the hundreds of videos and the, America’s front line doctors-the researchers on covid David Icke, Jon Rappoport, Alex Jones to name just a few………….There are new heroes we can” meet” /discover to learn from every other day who are helping and inspiring us as we live this insane nightmere and are forced to put on masks with others -for no good reason ever explained to us-if we want to shop.

    This is 8 months now of learning about viruses and “event 201” and agenda 2030 and vaccine ingredients…. all sorts of things we were naïve about previously….

    So what is the missing information/directive for all of us -what can we DO about it all?- that will finally make all of this stop? Especially since we-worldwide-(still) outnumber the insane ones who are perpetrating it?

    “To know and not to do, is yet to know” Leo Buscaglia

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