In Memory of General Bert on Veterans’ Day

This Tribute was Written by Dr. Laibow
In Honor of Veterans’ Day 2020
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army)

February 6, 1930-February 6, 2017
General Bert’s Book

General Bert Stubblebine correctly identified the seminal battle that humankind faces in the 21st Century when he said “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.”

That informed consent is about more than medical treatments, vaccinations and the like and the degree to which we surrender our bodies to medical care. It is also very much about whether we live or die and whether we do so on our own terms.

The rampant and intentional destruction of the biosphere, the biocidalists, are intent on taking that inalienable right away from us as much as the mandatory vaccinators are. And both were opposed unceasingly until his wrongful death in 2017, offering us a shining example of both leadership and bravery to help us continue to oppose them.

Informed consent, for us in our bodily integrity and for us in our biosphere integrity, is a right we cannot afford to relinquish.  The only other alternative is slavery. And slaves are disposable.

General Bert was the eldest son of a career Army officer who, after graduating from West Point, spent his career in the Quartermaster’s Corps. At age 5, while living on post at West Point while his father directed the building of Stewart Air Field, he decided he, too, would go to West Point and serve in the Army, a decision from which he never wavered.

He was graduated from West Point in 1952 and taught chemistry there during the 1960’s just before seeing active duty in Viet Nam as the Intelligence Officer (G2) for the 25th Infantry Division.

Intelligence work allowed his fertile, and highly independent, way of seeing the world wide scope and eventually his impact on our understanding of the Soviet Union helped to bring about the end of the Cold War and its fall.

As part of that mission, General Bert learned that the Soviets were developing teams of psychic information gatherers whose work was invisible to the target and highly accurate. He reasoned that we had to do the same and, over immense opposition, developed and implemented Remote Viewing, basically the same program in the US, minus the electroshock, torture, drugs, intimidation and other brutalities the Soviets had used.

Highly secret at the time, it was highly successful. Upon his retirement from the Army in 1984 as Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), he took the technology public although the targets and tasking remained classified.

General Bert was fiercely loyal to his country but even more loyal to the truth.  In 2001, when 9-11 occurred, he studied the data carefully and announced, as the highest-ranking military person to break with the official narrative, that whatever it was that had hit the Pentagon, his analysis showed that it was not a plane and that he believed it to have been a missile.

In 1991, General Bert and I encountered each other and, quite literally, instantly fell into each other’s lives and hearts. We married in 1994 and worked together in my practice of drug free medicine and psychiatry. In addition to his other skills and talents, he was an astonishingly powerful energy healer, an art he performed utterly effortlessly through focused intentionality.

But perhaps General Bert’s greatest contribution came from 2004 onward when he and I closed our practice of Medicine and founded the Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) to contend directly with the globalist agenda focused on taking away our right of sovereign ownership and use of our own bodies and handing that right to the Corporate State emerging so rapidly.

He believed, and fought for, your right and mine to own our own bodies, breathe fresh, uncontaminated air, eat clean, unadulterated food and drink unpolluted water, have total sovereignty over our own medical and non-medical treatment and that of our minor children and live in a world unmolested by destructive assault, should we so choose.

All of that is covered under the Universal Right of Informed Consent and is worth living – and dying  – to protect.

In fact, lack of Informed Consent in a hospital setting, where, for 158 days I fought minute by minute to prevent his destruction, is what finally killed him.

The story is grim, gritty and detailed, but the short version is simple: he was prevented from accessing the treatments that he and I wanted for him (including intravenous Vitamin C) and, in the end, it killed him, slowly, painfully and unnecessarily.

There is a case underway in Federal Court over the medical malpractice and neglect which led, ultimately to his wrongful death.

He remains a brave and beautiful example of what leadership and loyalty to principle, in this case, Informed Consent, means.

I miss him.  The world does, too.

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert

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  1. Thank you for sharing your incredible life story of General Bert and yourself. It’s so overwhelming what is going on in our world. I pray we can all help fight for our rights to live freely.

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