COVID Risks to Children and Elders in New York?

COVID Risks to Children and Elders in New York?
Protecting Children in China?

As a mother I am appalled that the medical community is not rushing to determine why children in New York are dying from a rare condition called “Kawasaki Syndrome” — somehow now linked to COVID. [1] They note the condition which has killed and maimed at least 3 children, with over a hundred affected, but then just ignore it.

As an New York licensed doctor for the past fifty years, I am ashamed. The symptoms that these children evidence are, in my opinion, similar to well-known vaccine adverse reactions. They include toxic shock-like reactions. Doctors know that, but they keep silent. Not me.

We must demand accountability for the children now.

The “public health authorities” are giving us contradictory information, thus making our Informed Consent to their advice impossible. On one hand there are recommendations that everyone get the annual flu vaccine during the declared COVID pandemic, though flu season is over, and on the other hand there is published research showing that the flu vaccine can make one more susceptible to COVID! [2] [3]

Were these children vaccinated “against” the flu? Are the flu vaccine and COVID, together, more dangerous than the authorities are telling us?

Add to that my horror at New York governor’s astounding “kill order” (finally rescinded) requiring all elder care and nursing facilities to accept COVID patients (rather than send them to the special hospitals, like the Javits Center and the USS Hope,  which were never used!). It appears that about 25% of all alleged COVID deaths in New York have been at the elder care and nursing facilities where restricted levels of staffing allowed the virus, brought in with the mandated COVID patients, to rapidly spread and kill. [4]

The public health authorities, based on flawed computer models, [5] have put our state and world under a “lockdown” [a term usually reserved to describe what happens in a prison after a riot] resulting in untold damage. Now it appears that among the “unintended” — and probably “unconsidered” consequences of their flawed decisions, both children and elders are bearing the burden of a falsely declared pandemic.

Stand up to this madness.  Demand public accountability!

Rima E. Laibow, MD



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