COVID-19: It’s So Crazy Out There
It’s Hard to Tell What’s Crazy Anymore
Say “NO!” to King Bill

Opinion by Rima E. Laibow MD, Psychiatrist

This is a rant, pure and simple. Consider this entire piece in capital letters. But the facts ranted about herein are all substantiated and have been published in recent posts here on with citations and sources.

Yes, Bill Gates, who has become the largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO) since President Trump stopped USA payments, tells us that we should not expect a “normal” world until we are all vaccinated “against” COVID.

In my professional opinion, a world of forced vaccination would not be normal — given what we know about vaccines being “unavoidably unsafe” and ineffective such a world would be crazy.

I was driving at a safe distance from the other occupants of the cars when I heard an NPR news Item: FDA has approved a rapid antigen test [1] which is fast and cheap since it can identify viral particles in nasal swabs, replacing slower and more expensive genetic (PCR) tests.

Wonderful. BUT…, the commentator went on to say, there were so many inaccurate results (negatives that should have been positives) that FDA said any results should be backed up with – WAIT FOR IT!!!! – the slower, more expensive genetic (PCR) tests. [1]

Huh? Say what? But, wait!!!! the slower, more expensive PCR tests used here in the US have an 80% false positive rate AND the lab, and hence the reagent or standard – used in that test has been confirmed to be contaminated with, you guessed it, COVID virus.

So the slower, more expensive genetic test is absolutely worthless and the newly approved test which I would say is also worthless, should be backed up by the slower, more expensive worthless test.

And the single source computer model that predicted global COVID disaster has been definitively shown to be absolute, unmitigated, [to use a term of art in the computer code world), pure SH*TCODE. [2]

Each time the program was run with THE SAME NUMBERS, it gave different results. Each time the same program was run on DIFFERENT COMPUTERS with THE SAME NUMBERS it gave different results. Speeding it up caused more different results. Slowing it down gave different results.

S. H. I. T. C. O. D. E. which was not checked or vetted or verified but was good enough for government work: New World Government work.

Good enough to shut down your world and mine, to create panic in the streets and shortages in the aisles and grab the world by the short hairs to cause us to be willing to trade liberty for safety and gaining, as always happens, neither.

And then there is the issue of the number of COVID-19 deaths. Doctor after doctor has outed the despicable CDC/Gates/WHO cabal in their orders to make sure that every death, even getting hit by a but, gets pushed into the COVID-19 column.

But when Counsel Ralph and I analyzed the number of deaths this year and last year in the same months, we found that the number of total deaths went down because the traffic fatalities were not there. [3]

But the numbers other deaths, from real causes, taking away real people, were THE SAME: there is no discernible, significant increase in those deaths. The deaths were caused by the same things that they were caused by last year BUT THE NAME OF THE BEAST HAS BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT AND EMPOWER THE GUILTY.

And because we are all so imperiled by this novel Corona virus plague, we must all hope and pray for a vaccine to save us. Forget that vaccines damage our immune systems and cause long-term chronic illnesses of a wide variety. After all, lots of those deaths that did not go up are the result of vaccine-induced, highly profitable diseases. Never mind that, though. Just think what Emperor Bill, His Grace, Mr. Gates, has in store for us.

No more normal until everyone on the planet has been injected with his favorite witches’ brew – but not just any vaccine. Oh, no! This one is a DNA editing special edition which, although never tried before, is perfectly safe. Trust King Bill. Would he lie? He’s the guy who, along with his buddy Anthony Fauchi and their Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI, formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and now just the Global Alliance for Vaccines — at least the new name no longer claims that vaccines have something to do with immunity!) was kicked out of India by their Supreme Court for the horrendous damage done to the to millions of the poor and malnourished there, especially the children.

And isn’t that the same WHO convicted of genocide by the High Court of the Philippines for involuntary vaccination-borne sterilization of millions of women there?

But trust them. Because Bill Gates is King and Vaccines are his magic wand and scepter of power. Oh, yes, we recall clearly King Bill telling us at a TED talk (which he sponsors, by the way), that “properly used, vaccines can reduce the population by 12 to 15%.”

What, exactly, does “properly used” mean here? Perhaps the gene editing, CRISPR vaccines that they have in mind for all of earth’s population (except themselves?) would provide that proper use?

And, of course, we understand genetics so well that even if the intent were not malevolent, what could possibly go wrong with injecting DNA-altering material into every human being on the planet and changing the DNA make up of humanity in a grand (and profitable) experiment? Except themselves, of course.

Oh, and then there are masks. I cannot go into a Costco in Arizona without a face mask because, although, unlike New Jersey, for example, the state does not require it, but the company does.

So to get my one package of toilet paper per customer, I have to increase the amount of CO2 I am breathing (it’s called hypercapnia and it is very bad for people with heart or lung disease) with a loose fitting piece of something or other that does not stop droplet transmission but increases my chances of a respiratory infection if I have immune compromise (and steams up my glasses) with the Surgeon General of the US showing me on video how to fold up an old tee shirt to make said “protection”.

In what demented, crazy version of a third world country’s nightmare of reality have we all been trapped?

But the President and Vice President of the United States refuse to wear masks because, well, because they would rather not? I guess neither of them goes to Costco to buy their own packs of toilet paper. Perhaps President Trump’s military valet, who has now tested positive for COVID-19 (if that means anything since the tests are absurdly meaningless) makes the Costco runs supporting the President’s intimate functions.

Meanwhile, “essential” employees have little effective safety net should they fall ill while the Administration vows to kill what healthcare services they can access AND decimate the social security payments that the elderly, those who are super vulnerable, according to the official theater, use to eke out an existence in so many cases. Without it, food, even cat food, and rent will be impossibly difficult. Their immune systems will collapse even further.

I guess, since to the Would Be Lords and Masters like King Bill, that would be very much to their liking, there is some demented, malicious logic to that. If so, it is pretty much the only part that has any logic to it at all.

Oh, then there is the origin of the virus itself, and the fact that Dr. Fauchi, the man who shilled for deadly HIV drugs actually funded the Wuhan lab where the virus that at least 2 Nobel Prize winners have definitively states could not be natural and is absolutely a bioweapon, was developed. [4]

And that included establishing the colony of 605 Intermediate Horseshoe Bats (native 1000 miles away from Wuhan) used to pass the virus through to further the weaponization process, according to an article by two Chinese virologists from Guangzhou University.

Need I go on? Probably not.

Everything, absolutely everything, about this entire cockamamie declared pandemic story is wrong, illogical, fake and deceitful — crazy!

Even the ventilator shortage fell apart on scrutiny, as did the use of those ventilators on patients being killed by those very devices (80+% mortality once a ventilator is used).

What’s real? well, we know perfectly well what immune support protects you from this, and other viruses. Not even zinc or vitamin C or Vitamin D.

And we are not supposed to remember that IV Vitamin C has been shown in the US and elsewhere to be highly effective support for your immune system.

Nope. Not in the COVID -19 Plannedemic Funhouse.

Excuse me. I have to do some deep breathing to get my immune system back in optimal shape.

It’s crazy out there.

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