Danger! Truth Ahead!


The above is what I get whenever I try to moderate comments on www.opensourcetruth.com.

The Man thinks OST is a dangerous site! Well, I should certainly hope so!

The Man has all kinds of information it wants to lock away and hopes you NEVER come to realize what ‘he’ has been doing, is doing now and has in store for those of us ‘he’ decides have enough use to ‘him’ to allow us to live, although in teeny-tiny dwellings under the total control of Agenda 20/30, vaccinated and cowed enough to serve ‘his’ every whim.

Natural Solutions Foundation must be doing a bang up job of getting the truth about Nano Silver 10 PPM, the weaponization of the CoronaVirus, the absurdity of the “sudden” “development” of a vaccine “against” CoronaVirus that was patented 4 years ago — 1 year after the Coronavirus itself was patented right here in the good ole’ US of A and on and on and on.

Oh, yes, and 5G.

Well, you bet your bottom dollar we are dangerous: truth is always dangerous in times of oppression and emerging dictatorship.

And truth is always the first thing to be stamped on. Thinking, reasoning, well-informed people are the bulwark, the very backbone, of free societies with democratic governments that function as such, not wannabe totalitarian dictatorships that wear the faded trappings of the democracies that they used to be.

So when you know the truth, you are, of course, dangerous because you might do exactly the right thing: spread it.

We hope you do.

We urge you to lay in a supply of Nano Silver 10 PPM to handle whatever new plague they throw at us by supporting your immune system to make it as close to invulnerable as humanly possible. And we urge you to take all of the information that we make available at www.drrimatruthreports.com, www.opensourcetruth.com, www.truthaboutcoronavirus.com and www.nsfmarketplace.com and shout it from the highest Social Media Rooftop.

Let’s make sure that there are so many of us dangerous disseminators telling the truth and blasting it out, that we become the dominant voice in this shouting match between cowed/cowardly/compliant and true/troubling/liberating.

The choice is yours. Like your health care, that vital choice for democratic government and health freedom lies in your hands, your mouth and your typing fingers.

I know you know what the right thing to do is because you are reading this.

Do it. Help us all be free. Help make the truth what it is: not dangerous but precious and deeply defended.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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