The End of the Sovereign United States and All Governments is Upon Us

Should You and Your Family Submit to Being Tested, Chipped and Vaccinated?
Are You Ready to Surrender Control Over Your Own Life to WHO?Or, are you ready to resist?

WHO Has Taken Control!
Doesn’t Matter if Trump Complains

Tests, Chipping and Vaccines…
But Where is the Pandemic?

Dr. Rima warned us in 2009 during the H5N1 flu outbreak: in the event of a world-wide pandemic the World Health Organization (WHO) was poised to take-over world governance. [1]

At that time, when Globalist forces arranged to have the WHO get the world’s governments to acquiesce to its total political control of world governance in the event of a Level 6 Pandemic, Dr. Rima, warning of the dire consequences of this state of affairs, wrote

“In the document called ‘Concept of Operations of the UN In a Global Influenza Pandemic‘, the final footnote (p.10) reads:

‘The procedures contained in this CONOPS framework will need to be tested at global, regional and country level to ensure their utility and allow for revisions where necessary. Several UN country teams have already conducted simulations to test coordination structures and other procedures outlines in their pandemic plans. Further simulation exercises at regional and global level are needed to test coordination structures and operating procedures. Such large scale simulations will require the commitment of different UN entities. It is anticipated that this CONOPS will continue to be tested through simulation exercises at global, regional and country levels during 2009.'”

Today, Saturday 11, April 2020, President Trump announced a freeze on all taxpayer funds for WHO. 

He, like others, is deeply concerned both about the apparently limitless, enormous control of WHO on policies and political realities as well as about the apparently total and, from the point of view of US sovereignty, totally undue influence China’s totalitarian rulers exert over WHO.

Trump knew that, well beyond the Corona Virus, Chinese or not, the issue is the survival of American sovereignty (along with the sovereignty of every other nation in the world). It remains unclear, however, whether Trump’s views can – or will – prevail, or WHO will exercise the absolute global governance power given it unwisely a decade ago and simply override his efforts to re-assert American sovereignty and/or re-open the American economy.

President Trump took unprecedented actions, banning travel from China in the early phases of the outbreak, though he and others initially minimized its severity. Both Trump and WHO proclaimed a World Pandemic within 2 days of each other. [2]

In a sudden and surprising about-face, he then acquiesced to the government-mediated shut-down of much of the private — but not the major corporate — economy, which began with what was in effect the Martial Law declarations of the Governors of the Big Blue States of New York and California. [3]

Was the lock-down medically wise or necessary or was the President acquiescing not to medical reality and necessity but to WHO’s dictates?

It is generally agreed by even slightly objective parties that the lack of swift, accurate and readily available testing for COVID-19 has been the major stumbling block of the US response. The slowly available tests approved by FDA had astonishingly high false positive rates (8 out of every 10 positive tests in error!), an unknown number of false negatives and deep, systematic problems with the PCR measurement itself since the results of a “positive” test, even if somehow determined to be accurate., are of uncertain clinical significance.

Does it mean that you have the disease? That you have come into contact with it? Are a symptom-carrier? Are you incubating the disease? Are you infectious? Are you no longer infectious? Are you re-incubating the disease? Is the virus actually to blame for what is being attributed to it? How long do you remain positive after recovering from the disease if you actually had it? And do on. So testing positive – or negative – is currently as close to meaningless as it is possible to get with a laboratory involved anywhere along the line.

In further unprecedented actions the President, Congress and the Federal Reserve have agreed to a huge increase in Federal Debt to paper-over the economic catastrophe of the forced lock-down.  Trillions are now being tossed around like billions used to be.

Perhaps of even greater concern are the calls for mandatory testing for the virus with only those who are “clean” or “immune” or “vaccinated” being allowed to participate in the economy.

“…a  mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark…” [4]

The media-depicted “rush” to produce a COVID-19 vaccine is a false and intentionally deceptive, a pretense of the globalist and very much rights-suppressive WHO Pharma/Oligarch alliance.

Fact: The vaccine already exists and was patented 4 years ago about a year after the [not] ‘novel’ Coronavirus was developed and patented by scientists in the United States 5 years ago. 

Fact: After being developed (your tax dollars at work!) it was sold directly to the Chinese who continued to weaponize it at the Wuhan CDC, the only Bio Security Level 4 laboratory in China.

The Plot Thickens: Who Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus?

Fact: the Wuhan CDC used a colony of 605 Intermediate Horseshoe Bats to further weaponize the virus (thus the disinformation about bat soup in the wet market which is about 1000 feet from the Wuhan CDC).

The Plot Thickens: Who Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus?

Fact: the ‘novel’ virus has been cobbled together from other attempted, but never successful pandemic viruses including 4 strands of DNA from the HIV-1 virus and 1 strand from the generically engineered SARS coronavirus.

Further COVID-19 Weaponization Data Points

Fact: While corona viruses share genetic material, making a SARS-COVID re-assortment possible, there is no natural process like that between the type of virus that the Corona Virus is and the type of virus that the HIV-1 organism is. They simply do not re-assort in nature. Several respected scientific groups published the genome of the novel virus and agreed that the 4 strands of HIV-1 materiel could not have come from natural re-assortments in any process currently known.

COVID-19: Who’s Telling You the Truth – and Who’s Not?


Fact: the patented vaccine against this virus has been waiting on the sidelines although it has never been tested, it is alleged, on humans.

Persistent and well-modulated rumor has it that the vaccine will be “ready” in just a couple of months. And with it, the Gates Foundation/Fauci/WHO plan to require us all to have an implanted chip to prove we are “COVID clean” will become a reality unless those of us who treasure personal and national sovereignty are prepared to raise our voices loudly enough to be heard.

Informed Consent is the basic right of every human being under the nearly-universally ratified Geneva Convention. Further, at least in the Common Law countries, including the US, it is unlawful to force you to surrender one right in order to gain another, to allow yourself to be infected and injected and chipped, for example, in order to be allowed to move about freely, have a bank account, attend schools, etc.

Certainly people have died “from” COVID. Haven’t they?

Please send an email here,, if you yourself know anyone, or if you know anyone who knows anyone, who died AFTER ACTUALLY DEVELOPING THE COVID SYMPTOMS  — that is, have died “from” COVID.

There are people questioning the reality of this plague and, while we believe this is a Plannedemic and we are inclined to believe that people really are sickening and dying, we wonder whether there are the numbers touted dying after developing the symptoms associated with COVID. We do not want to open fresh painful wounds but please give us a straw poll on whether there are such losses and they actually did have the associated symptoms.

Dying WITH COVID, dying FROM COVIC and dying from something else and having COVID written on your death certificate are not at all the same thing. How many really have died “from” COVID is unknown. If any. Especially since CDC and its Gates Foundation friends, with whom it shares the patents mentioned above, through a front organization of the Gates Foundation, are now advising hospitals to label all deaths that have respiratory features COVID deaths.

It is true that Dr Rima graduated from Medical School half a century ago, but she reports that she is quite sure that every person who dies has respiratory issues since they all stop breathing.

Does that make them all COVID deaths? If you are the CDC or WHO and you want the statistics to be as terrifyingly cataclysmic as possible, I guess it would.

But there is another mystery here that may unfold with time. We will see if the overall death rate for the first half of 2020 differs statistically from a similar period during the last few years. On average, the US population has been increasing by just under 1% per year. [5] Only time will tell if the declared pandemic has an impact on this trend.

Since huge numbers of people are being assigned COVID Death as the cause of their demise, accurate or not, with or without testing, and since older people with serious illnesses are systematically being denied the care that they would otherwise receive at hospitals closed to them, we can expect an increase in per day, per week, per month mortality numbers. But are these mostly the same people who would have died just a little further out? In Italy, virtually every COVID death occurred in aged people with at least 3 other serious, chronic diseases. So are the elderly ill just dying sooner and being labeled as COVID deaths without a shred of evidence to support that since event the scarce tests are worthless?

Are we seeing an engineered hysteria, a stampede to surrender our rights, on a bio-engineered, weaponized virus as the mount? It seems like that to me. That’s why many are calling it a Plannedemic.

Should you and your family submit to being tested, chipped and vaccinated?

Are you ready to surrender control over your own life to WHO?

Or, are you ready to resist?

As General Bert Stubblebine, our deceased Founding President, told us, “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century”. And so it is. The definitive moment is upon us, courtesy of the WHO, Bill Gates, his henchman Dr. Anthony Fauci and all of their minions, witting and unwitting.

One thing for certain: unless you clearly and loudly assert your right to refuse Informed Consent your rights over your own body and those of your children will be deemed waived and taken from you. Unless you clearly and loudly assert those rights, you WILL be chipped, you WILL be vaccinated and you WILL be surveilled.

You can assert your right NOT to be vaccinated by using the Advance Vaccine Directive wallet card. Learn more, and obtain your Advance Vaccine Directive Card here:

Every individual in your family needs their own, by the way. You cannot include your children on your assertion. It must be individualized for each person, no matter what their age.

As Dr. Rima repeatedly asked., “WHO is in Charge?” The answer is still up to us.

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Remember, all of this fits neatly and completely into Agenda 21, which we might now call Agenda 2020.

Yours in health and freedom,

Counsel Ralph



[2]  WHO: March 11, 2020 –
President Trump:  March 13, 2020 –


[4]  Revelation 13:16-18 (HCSB


5 thoughts on “The End of the Sovereign United States and All Governments is Upon Us

  1. It would be very useful if you could provide links that we could check to verify your “FACT”s. Otherwise how do we know you’re not just grinding your own fiction and fear about what is going down? While I am normally biased towards POV’s such as yours, I also need to do my own research before I buy. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Thank you for your concern about citations. I’ve added links to each of the Facts since we had previously posted information about each of the. You can follow those links to further substantiation, except with reference to the published paper on the HIV-1 issue — that paper was removed from the internet, suggesting that this information is being suppressed.


  2. What is your phone# and e-mail? I am a healthcare worker. How can I refuse Flu/Covid vaccination and not get fired and stay employed? Are there lawyers who I can help me? Will the AVD card work I’ve already sign an arbritaton agreement as a condition of employment. How can I challenge this without losing my job?

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