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Faucism, Medical Tyranny Named After
Its Most Successful Modern Proponent: Anthony Fauci, MD

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation December 16, 2020

Thirty six years ago, Anthony Fauci, MD, took over the reins of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on November 2, 1984.

In that time, he has brought hundreds of drugs to approval and presided over the most staggering decline in public health since the black death, watching as chronic disease in the US steadily climbed from 12.8% to a staggering 54%. 

His efforts have not gone to finding the underlying causes and reversing them, but to bringing drugs and vaccines forward to further undermine the health of our population so that today, not only do people in the US pay more for drugs than any other country in the world, we take more of them – including vaccines, and are, by far, the sickest population on Planet Earth. While Dr. Fauci rakes in the profits in royalties and sells us his corrupt and deadly bill of goods over and over and over.

The latest bill of goods, of course, are the terrifyingly untested and unsafe COVID-19 vaccines, needed, don’t you know, to stem the “pandemic”, which is based on useless testing procedures to shore up the “casedemic” for a disease with a survival rate far in excess of 99%.

When the Moderna vaccine was in its initial phase of testing, 21% of the subjects receiving the high dose vaccine had major health events requiring hospitalization. The low dose group “only” had a 6% rate.

The Pfizer vaccine causes illness in 100% of the people who receive the second shot “against” a disease that causes no symptoms in the vast majority of people who MIGHT have been exposed to it (we cannot be certain because the tests are worse than meaningless).

This is not OK.  This is not sane. This is not “Public Health” it is “Public Disaster” and “Public Insanity”. And it has been brought to you by the deadly husband and wife team of Christine Grady, Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

It was she who approved skipping the animal testing phase of the mRNA vaccines hurtling toward your body and everyone else’s right now.

Meanwhile, both Dr, Fauci and Ms. Grady, along with every vaccine manufacturer and syringe weilder, is exempt from WHATEVER happens to you if you take the COVID-19 vaccines.

But Dr. Fauci’s good friend and financial benefactor, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Ms Grady and all the other pathology pundits agree that since the vaccines have not been investigated for their ability to prevent the symptoms of COVID-19, nor suppress its transmission, nor reduce severity of disease if you do get sick with it, we are not going back to the old normal any time soon.
Nope.  We will continue to be muzzled (although there is no science to mask wearing as a prevention of viral transmission) and quite a lot showing that masks are quite bad for you) and “social distance” although there is no science to show that 6′ apart prevents or slows viral transmission and quite a lot to show that it is actually quite bad for humans) and lockdowns (although there is no sicence to show that they have any beneficial influence on the immune capacity of people to defend against disease and quite a lot to show that it is actually highly damaging to the mental, physical, emotional and immunological health of people. We will be forced, they say, to the same measures as if we were not vaccinated.

Just why are we being told that we need to be vaccinated, then? Sorry, I missed that point.  I suspect you don’t know why you should get vaccinated or wear a mask either, if you are thinking rationally.

I urge you to use the Advance Vaccine Directive, available here, www.NSFMarketplace.com/mainpage, to assert your right of Informed Consent clearly and effectively.  I also urge you to share this article with its video, as widely as you can and use #DontYouDare to let people know that they do have choices!

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2 thoughts on “#DontYouDare: RFK Lays the Fauchi Evil Bare in 7 Min! Share, Share, Share #DontYouDare

  1. President Trump, thank you for all you do and have done. I know the Lord is proud of you for standing for what is right and true.

    Personally, I feel it should be our choice and no one else’s to take a vaccine. Please do not let them make it mandatory.

    God bless you and your family. And God bless America.

  2. If the vaccine doesn’t get you, the mask just might! Breathing all that CO2 over and over isn’t good for anyone! Wearing those infernal things makes me dizzy and I get chest pains, but God forbid if you pull it down so you can breathe, you get a maelstrom of morons attacking you because you dare to breathe without the face diaper on. I need to get food and these jerks don’t care, just make sure you have your mask on when you fall over from oxygen deprivation. Never mind masks don’t work. But, the cretins that are pro mask and pro vaccine will soon be getting their jab, and they can faint at the altar of modern medicine and become a zombie brainwashed sacrifice to agenda driven science.

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