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Look, there are couple of reasons for you to get – and give – this new I WILL NOT COMPLY merch.

The first is that we need to demonstrate to everyone we can reach that they are not alone and that there is, quite literally, a world wide movement of people who are saying, and who mean it when they say, that they simply will not be sucked into the insane and destructive maelstrom of another propagandemic.

No, NO, NO!!! We WILL NOT Comply. 

Seeing it on T Shirts, bumper stickers, Social Media Badges (please use our red “I WILL NOT COMPLY” as your SM badge), on tote bags, on hats, lets people know that there is a mighty roar of non compliance and makes it easier for more and more people to, literally, take courage.

And the second reason is because with each bit of merch you purchase, we get a little bit of money to help keep us in the battle.

We’ve got other things that we think healthy, free, sovereign people need, including:

[1] the Advance Directive Cards (Vaccine Card here, LINK) and the Masking Card (Masking Card here, LINK),

[2] Magic Dichol, visit:

[3] Amazing nano silver products:

[4] Breakthrough biofeedback technology that is Super Patch on your skin from

[5] Personal care products and supplements at Fullscript (always at a discount), here:

We believe in all of these products, but only the WE WILL NOT COMPLY merch spreads the word and builds the movement.  The others are private, personal and build your health. The new merch builds a movement.

Go for it.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS:  More about the Campaign here:

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